Life Magazine: Five Mental Tricks to Beat the Treats



[Originally published in October 2016 issue of Coral Springs/Parkland Life Magazine & Coconut Creek Life Magazine]

Five Mental Tricks to Beat the Treats

Mmm can you smell it?  It’s the sweet scent of pumpkin spice lattes, warm cinnamon desserts, and of course, halloween candy!  If you’re like me, October is a love-hate kind of month.  While you LOVE all the delicious treats, you HATE the havoc it wrecks on your waistline.  How can you indulge your sweet tooth, yet still feel sexy this season?  Master your mindset!  

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Life Magazine: Join the Evolution

[Originally published in September 2016 issue of Coral Springs/Parkland Life Magazine & Coconut Creek Life Magazine] Evolution Yoga Revolutionizes South Florida’s Gym Landscape No one wants to pay for multiple gym memberships, but do we really have a choice? If you want to blast fat, then you need a membership at a gym that’s going to…

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Vegan Cookie Cake

Aren’t birthdays the PERFECT reason to try a vegan cookie cake recipe?  Last year, we made these Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes stuffed with Oreos & Peanut Butter and O-M-G they we’re awesome!   This year, we switched it up and make a giant Vegan Cookie Cake!  The only problem with making a giant cookie cake is that there leaves…

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Life Magazine: Treat Yourself, Switch It Up This Summer

  [Originally published in July 2016 Coral Springs/Parkland Life Magazine & Coconut Creek Life Magazine] Treat Yourself, Switch It Up This Summer Do you feel your fitness routine slowly slipping away with the carefree summer sunshine?  Whether you’re juggling a house filled with kids or a summer of solitude, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the…

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Sexy Summer Rolls

Don’t think you have what it takes to make these ultra fancy summer rolls?  Guess again!  Prepare to amaze yourself with this foolproof tutorial. Every time I thought about making these in the past, I somehow convinced myself out of trying something new and defaulted back to the Insanely Easy Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps.  I know, shame…

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Life Magazine: Summer Is In Session, Ways To Stay Active & Refuel

  [Originally published in June 2016 Coral Springs/Parkland Life Magazine & Coconut Creek Life Magazine] Summer Is In Session: Ways To Stay Active & Refuel School is out—but don’t panic! From fun-in-the-sun activities to mommy-and-me fitness classes, there are tons of ways to keep your kids occupied this summer.  Just because their school schedule is slowing down, now is…

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Vegan Memorial Day Recipes Roundup

Before I share these awesome vegan Memorial Day recipes, I would like to take a moment and recognize the importance of Memorial Day, our fallen soldiers, and the families and friends they have left behind.  Thank you for your service, for representing our nation, and for defending our freedom. Thank you. While Memorial Day honors those…

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