At Home & Travel Workouts

I LOVE circuit-style at home & travel workouts because they are FAST & EFFECTIVE.  Usually under 30 minutes, these at home workouts will have your heart racing right from the start!  Circuit training combines cardio and strength training to deliver superior results.

A circuit is a series of exercise moves completed one after the other, then followed by a short 1-2 minute break.  After you’ve completed the first circuit, you may have a different set of exercises for the second circuit or you may simply repeat the first circuit again.  Specific instructions can be found in each of the links below.

Most of the at home workouts on this page can be completed at home or on-the-road with very little equipment.  I strive to make them as simple as possible so they can be completed while traveling, at a friends house, at the park, etc.  Equipment you may need:

  • Yoga Mat (substitute with towel)
  • Chair (substitute with step)
  • Weights (substitute with water bottles, textbooks, etc. )

Circuit Examples:

Total Body Blast At Home Workouts    Killer Leg Workout At Home Workouts    Arms and abs at home workouts

30 Day Fitness Challenges

30 Day Fitness Challenge “Kickstart”

Total Body Circuits

4 Minute Fitness – Tabata

Total Body Blast At Home Workout

Total Body Bootcamp At Home Workout

Lower Body Circuits (Legs)

Killer Leg Workout

Leg Shred At Home Workout

Upper Body Circuits (Arms & Abs)

Sleeveless for Summer At Home Arm Workout

Arms & Abs At Home Workout

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