Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

I’ll save the suspense… YES YES YES!!! While everyone raves about packing cubes, I never understood the hype (it’s a silly thing to get excited about), but they really do make a difference.  I know, I don’t sound as excited as the rest of the people suggesting these bags but pardon me while I contain my excitement for something epic.

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Purse or Backpack: Do you need both?

People often get so caught up in “which backpacking backpack is the best” that they completely forget about their day-to-day needs.  Don’t make this mistake!  Your day bag matters. Daypacks, Day Bags & Purses/Handbags A daypack is what you will take with you every day when…

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How To Find A Good Hostel

How To Find A Good Hostel I always use Hostelworld.  It’s customizable, easy to use, and the most popular site for booking (and reviewing) hostels.  Reviews can only be completed by hostel guests and they are also categorized by gender, travel type, age, etc. which makes it…

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