Portion Fix

Are you looking for a meal plan that’s flexible, easy to follow, and has TONS of variety?  Portion Fix is exactly what you need!

Want to skip ahead?  Get your Portion Fix meal planning program ($39.90) here.

Want to know more?  Keep reading…  After seeing HUGE success with this portion control system in the 21 Day Fix, Beachbody has finally released this product on its own to provide a diet plan for those completing other fitness programs or simply looking to make dietary changes without changing other aspects of their life.

Portion fix is a diet-only program that is super easy to follow and NO foods are off limits.  The meal plan promotes “clean eating” and portion control with 7 easy-to-use containers that take the guesswork out of measuring.  If it fits in the container, then you can eat it!  How cool is that?  The portion fix program also comes with a Shakeology shaker cup (which is great as a water bottle) and a BONUS large container to hold all your food for the day.  The eating plan includes recipes, dining out guidelines, and modifications for dietary restrictions such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

So what’s my opinion of portion fix?  The portion controlled containers scared me quite a bit, as they appear shockingly small, however, after filling them with food and completing the program, I was surprised by how MUCH food you could squeeze into those little suckers!  It was actually a lot!  Autumn’s clean eating principles and easy-to-use containers REALLY impressed me.

Ready to go all in? Get your Portion Fix meal planning program ($39.90) here.

The Eating Plan, portion controlled containers, and my Shakeology shaker cup!

21 Day Fix Portion Fix

Before and after photos of what 1 Green and 1 Blue looks like when put on a plate.  It’s a lot more than I thought!

21 Day Fix Portion Fix 21 Day Fix Portion Fix

Guess what?  Desserts are allowed too!  The Shakeology-based brownie below counts as 1 Red and 1 Teaspoon.  No foods are ever off limits!  How great is that?  You can enjoy wine, chocolate, and even cookies (in moderation of course) and I’ll teach you how!


Still have questions?  Check out our client testimonials to see how portion fix has worked for our customers.  When you purchase portion fix with me as your coach, not only will you receive the awesome program in the mail, but you’ll be added to our year round accountability group for support from our fit family as well as other customers who have been in your shoes and used the eating plan.  We will also provide you with free coaching, answers to all you questions, recipe suggestions, and long-term meal planning guidance.  You’ll even get access to our “members only” section of the site where you can see sample meal plans created for YOU by our team!

What are you waiting for?  Let’s create a happy healthy you!

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