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Whether you’re planning for first backpacking trip around the world or simply looking to get gear for your next vacation, this is the place to be.  Below are my personal favorites based on budget, quality, and my experience with the product.  Note: This is not a packing list, simply items that I use and recommend.

I buy almost everything using Amazon Prime, however you can certainly find these products elsewhere. Amazon Tip: Double check the return policy before purchasing.

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Osprey Porter 46L (My Backpack) *Check out my backpack basics guide to help pick a backpack that’s right for you.

Osprey Farpoint 55L (Backpack Runner-Up)


Daybags (smaller backpacks)

Osprey Daylite (Hiking Backpack) *Find out why I chose this bag for day hikes.

Packable Daybag Backpack (Everyday Backpack)  *This is my all-time favorite backpack!  Find out why here.

Large Crossbody Purse (no link available) *Find out what to look for here.

Small Crossbody Purse (no link available) *Find out what to look for here.


Backpack Accessories

Backpack Cover (optional, for rain)

eBags Packing Cubes (6 piece set)  *This is a must have item.  Find out why here.

eBags Packing Cubes (3 piece set)

No Vacuum Needed Compression Bags

Luggage Locks & Security Cable *This is a must have item.  Find out why in my planning for your first trip post.

Add-on Phone/Camera Travel Case (I attach this to my waist belt when hiking to have easy access to my camera or phone)



Travel Must Haves


Earplugs *This is a must have item.

Compression Socks (Knee) (improves circulation and reduces foot swelling on planes)

Compression Socks (Ankle)

Neck Pillow

Sleeping Bag / Bed Sheet Liner

Filtered Water Bottle (Bobble) or Collapsible Water Bottle

Headlamp / Torch *This hands-free flashlight comes in surprisingly helpful when reading on busses, packing, looking for items during the night, etc.


Comfortable ShoesBirkenstocks, Crocs Fashion Sandals, Havaianas *Zappos has free 2-day delivery if you order on the app + free returns.

Comfortable Travel PantsPrinted LeggingsLoose Harem Travel PantsBangkok Yoga Pants



USB Power Strip *This is a must have item.  Find out why in my planning for your first trip post.

Universal Adapter / Converter *This is a must have item.  There is a difference between an adapter and a converter.  You do not need both, an adapter should be fine.

Portable Charger (Large) *This is a must have item.  I like the bigger battery because it lasts for several charges.

Portable Charger (Small)

iPad mini 2 (32GB) *I travel with this instead of a laptop because I can easily replace an iPad if it was lost or stolen.  I also use my iPad as a second backup for my photos in addition to the cloud.  I do not have the newest iPad or the version with cellular service.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard *This makes typing significantly easier on the iPad mini.

iPad mini 2 Case *Waterproof, shockproof, etc.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 *I purchased this to “fill in” where my iPhone camera was lacking such as zoom and low lighting situations.  Fantastic pocket-sized camera with manual controls, viewfinder, and wifi capabilities.

Selfie Stick *I suggest the one with the cord (not the bluetooth version) so you do not have to worry about charging the stick.

Waterproof Phone Case (Lifeproof Case)

Waterproof Dry Bag + Floatie *This is a must if you are doing anything with water.



Shower Shoes – Havaianas *Shower shoes are a must if you are staying in hostels.  Choose any brand you prefer but Havaianas tend to last a long time.

Quick Dry Towel *A towel is a must, choose any style you prefer but I like the full-sized quick dry version.

Shoe Bags

Laundry Bags


Diva Cup *This is a fantastic alternative to feminine products.  Overseas it is not always easy to find exactly what you want/need, products take up a lot of space in your backpack, and disposing of them are not always convenient.  The Diva Cup solves this.  It’s weird at first but I promise its great!

Tiger Balm *This works for mosquito bites, sore muscles, headaches, etc.

Beat IT! All Natural Deet-Free Insect Repellent  *This is a great deet-free alternative.


Hiking Gear

Hiking Sneakers (Adidas) & Hiking Sneakers (Merrell)

SmartWool Trekking Socks *Opt for medium or heavy padding depending on your hike.  Sock padding makes a huge difference.

Walking Poles

Water Bladder

Nuun Electrolyte Tablets

Dude Wipes & Wet Wipes

Osprey Daylite (featured above)


Note: This is not a packing list.  These are merely suggestions of products I use and recommend.

Disclaimer: This post is not in collaboration with any of these products, and to make the lawyers happy, note that I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  The products I choose to share are not endorsed by the brand, and as such, my recommendations remain unbiased and reflect my own opinion.  Affiliate links do not impact the price you pay (actually they may be lower in some cases) and they may provide me with a very small commission if you choose to purchase the item.

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