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If you haven’t had a chance to check out Jackie’s transformation story, I highly encourage you to do that now.  Jackie is the INSPIRATION behind my decision to try out the Ultimate Reset.

After experiencing Jackie’s weight loss of 22 pounds in 21 days, I just HAD to try the program for myself.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good weight loss story, right?  I knew I already liked the program and the ideals that it was built upon such as an all-natural detox using ONLY healthy supplements like himalayan sea salt, aloe vera, wheat grass, etc. and the principle of clean eating plant-based foods (my favorite).

I was in desperate need as a “reset” after a summer of fun, wedding season, and Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival… why not try it out?  Plus, I’m not one to recommend a program unless I’ve tried it first– first hand market research is my thing.

I was eager to get started so I rush shipped the package and started ASAP.  Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions as well as photos from my experience below…

Please note that these are MY personal opinions and not claims from Beachbody or anyone else’s experiences.  And FYI… I got the flu during the first week, traveled out of town during the second, and had Thanksgiving during the third (shame on me for picking such poor dates) BUT I still managed to lose 8 pounds and felt FABULOUS after.

What is the Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is an all-natural detox/cleanse that aims to restore the body to it’s “factory settings” by supplementing your diet with HEALTHY all-natural supplements such as himalayan sea salt, aloe vera, wheat grass etc.  All of the supplements come with the program as well as a COMPLETE meal plan for the 21 days including recipes and shopping lists.  It’s foolproof!  They literally tell you EVERYTHING to do.  You can learn more about the Ultimate Reset here.

What comes in the box?

  • Six supplements, uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health:
    • Alkalinize helps maintain alkalinity.
    • Optimize promotes a healthy metabolism and effective body functions.
    • Soothe helps enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation.
    • Mineralize adds natural minerals needed by the body.
    • Detox helps remove toxins and waste from the colon.
    • Revitalize helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.
  • The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21 day Ultimate Reset journey, and a complete three-phase Ultimate Reset meal plan with corresponding recipes and access to shopping lists.
  • Two DVDs:  (1) Reset Your Health includes instructions for your Reset and inspirational Success Stories to help motivate you.  (2) Cooking Class provides a video guide to preparing healthy Ultimate Reset recipes.
  • Ultimate Reset Caddy to carry your supplements on the go.
  • Ultimate Reset Bracelet to remind you of your dedication to resetting your body and your life.

What else do you get?

  • Access to the Ultimate Reset portal which includes tips and tricks to keep you on track, recipes on your cell phone, and shopping lists.  <– The shopping lists were SUPER helpful!
  • Me as your coach as well as access to private Facebook groups for ALL ultimate reset participants (not just limited to my team) for constant support and motivation.
  • 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Who is the Ultimate Reset for?

  • Anyone looking to detox their body while still eating PLENTY of food and 3-4 meals per day.
  • Anyone looking to break bad habits, end emotional/stress eating, stop cravings, etc.
  • Anyone looking to lose weight, increase energy, feel better, and have their body perform optimally.
  • Anyone looking to cut out processed foods and eliminate possible triggers such as dairy, sugar, and gluten.
  • Anyone looking to shift their eating habits and try out a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • Anyone looking for new recipes to get creative in the kitchen.
  • Anyone looking for a DIET ONLY change since there is no exercise on the ultimate reset.  Note: The guide book explains that you can complete a low intensity exercise program each day such as walking or yoga.

Who shouldn’t do the Ultimate Reset?

  • Anyone who cannot take a break from their exercise routine.
  • Anyone who suffers from a medical condition and must follow a specific diet.
  • Anyone who does not have TIME to grocery shop, meal prep, cook, etc.

What types of food are included on the plan?  Were you ever hungry?

The foods are varied and in my opinion, extensive.  Some meals were as simple as fruit and oatmeal, while others included things like beets and collard greens.  I tried to keep an open mind about trying new foods and if I didn’t like it, then I asked in the portal or Facebook groups what other people used as a substitution.  There were a few items I subbed out since I could not find them at the grocery store, but all in all, the recipes were delicious!  You can see my pictures below.

Week 1 is weans you off meat and dairy.  Week 2 is vegetarian but still includes grains.  Week 3 is a LOT of fruits and vegetables.  The good thing was that I was NEVER hungry because the meal portions are HUGE!!!

*Shakeology is also included on the plan and I used it occasionally as directed by the guide.  I used it when I was rushing and needed a quick meal but I tried to follow the meal plan exactly.

What did you like best?

I thought I was going to hate grocery shopping and meal prep, but it ended up being my favorite part of the program!  I grew an entirely new appreciation for cooking and taking time out for ME.  I used to speed through cooking and make whatever was “fast” but now I really take the time to enjoy every step of the process.

How much did you lose?  Did you keep it off?  Would you do it again?

I got the flu during the first week, traveled out of town during the second, and had Thanksgiving during the third (shame on me for picking such poor dates) BUT I still managed to lose 8 pounds and felt FABULOUS after.  I kept most of it off (gained a pound or so during Thanksgiving) and I would 100000% do it again!!!  I loved it!!!  I think the supplements also helped A LOT with maintaining alkalinity and restoring balance to my system.

Show us some pictures…

What’s in the box… Detox “sludge”… Our master chef Primo!  I totally forgot to tell you about the supplements.  Phase 1 has mineralize (sea salt), optimize (capsule), alkalinize (tastes like a wheat grass shot), and soothe (capsule).  Phase 2 adds in detox (chug this one, its kinda gross).  And Phase 3 takes out detox and adds in revitalize (capsules).  Detox isn’t too bad, it’s just thick and gritty.

Ultimate Reset Ultimate Reset Ultimate Reset

Meal Plan – Day 1

  • Breakfast: Shakeology
  • Lunch: BIG salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, miso soup, and homemade dressing
  • Snack: Apple and almond butter
  • Dinner: Tempeh (Salmon), asparagus, roasted red potatoes

Ultimate Reset

Meal Plan – Day 2

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal Tropical
  • Lunch: BIG greek salad with pine nuts, and homemade dressing
  • Snack: Apple and almond butter (again)
  • Dinner: Southwestern veggie taco (plus a tortilla)

Ultimate Reset

Meal Plan – Day 3

  • Breakfast: Fruit Salad
  • Lunch: Lentil lime salad, BIG microgreen salad, toasted pumpkin seeds, homemade dressing
  • Snack: Apple and almond butter (again)
  • Dinner: Nori rolls with tempeh and veggies, japanese cucumber salad, miso soup

Ultimate Reset

Various Meals

Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset

If you are interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset you can check out this site for more information or this site to purchase.  If you are purchasing the ultimate reset, please note that the shipping cost for some reason is outrageous.  What I did to avoid paying this was that I ordered it “HD” with a monthly renewal of the maintenance program, but simply called and canceled the renewal after my purchase was made.  I saved about $25 in shipping because of this.  I can help you cancel this , if you decide to purchase the reset.

Furthermore, if you are interested in the Portion Fix (another diet-only plan but a LOT less extreme), you can find out more information here.  And as always, you can also reach out to me via email with additional questions.  I’d love to help!

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