30 Day Fitness Challenge (Travel Friendly)

Welcome to your 30 Day Fitness Challenge!  It’s time to start building the HABIT of exercise so you can finally see the amazing results you deserve.  Are you ready to get started?  Let’s go!

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge “Kickstart” is a simple, yet effective way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  The 30 Day Kickstart is a progressive workout routine, meaning that each workout will be slightly more challenging than the last.  The goal of the 30 Day Kickstart is introduce a committable workout routine into your daily life.  By completing the 30 Day Kickstart, you will build your strength, stamina, and endurance in a subtle, yet noticeable, manner over the course of the month.  By following this routine, you will be shocked at how much you can accomplish in one simple month!

This 30 Day Fitness Challenge targets 4 key areas: cardiovascular heart health, core/abdominals, arms, and legs.  This kickstart is perfect for anyone and everyone, as each workout routine is highly customizable to meet your specific fitness needs.  Below I will teach you how to perform each workout move as well as variations if you would like to increase or decrease the intensity.  For those of you who suffer from back and/or joint pain, there is a low impact option for you too!  However, please consult a healthcare professional before attempting this workout if you suffer from any medical conditions.


30 Day Fitness Challenge Kickstart

So what do you need to do?

  1. Print the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.  Once printed, put the worksheet where you intend to workout everyday.  Click here to print the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.  
  2. Set a fitness goal and write it down.  This is your opportunity to commit to yourself.  Do you want to commit to exercising each and every day?  Do you want to achieve a specific number of push ups or sit-ups by the end of the month?  Whatever your goal may be, write it down on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge printout as well as on one other piece of paper to be put in an obvious place that you will see everyday (e.g., bathroom mirror).
  3. Get an accountability partner!  An accountability partner is vital for success.  Tell your accountability partner the goal you outlined in step #2 and decide on a plan for when you will check in with him or her (e.g., once per day at 7pm).
  4. Determine a meal plan!  Did you know that your food choices are VERY important for your success?  If you want to boost your results, check out this clean eating page to help manage portion sizes and MAXIMIZE results!
  5. Pay it forward.  You received your copy of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge for FREE.  If you liked the program and want more programs like this, please show your support and PAY IT FORWARD by liking our page on FacebookInstagram & Pinterest and SHARING THIS PAGE with your friends!  It’s so easy to do, just click on the share buttons at the bottom of the post!

Now what?

Let’s break down each workout move to better teach you the proper technique and form. You will also find the modifications for intensity below (where applicable).

Jumping jacks

jumping jacks

Decreased intensity option: Side steps.  To perform side steps, simply step to the left and raise your arms above your head, then return your left leg back to the center while lowering your arms.  Next, step to the right and raise your arms above your head, then return your right leg back to the center and lower your arms.  

High knees

high kneeshigh knees

Note: High knees are an exaggerated version of running in place.
Decreased intensity option: Running/walking in place.


sit up

sit up

Decreased intensity option: Crunches.  Crunches require your shoulders to leave the ground, however your body does not need to completely rise into a sitting position.  
Increased intensity option: V-ups.  V-ups are similar to sit-ups, however as you perform the sit-up, your legs must be straightened and rise so that your toes are pointing to the ceiling at the conclusion of each repetition.  



Note: Do not allow your back to cave inwards while performing this exercise.  
Decreased intensity option: Plank on knees (instead of toes).  
Increased intensity option: One-legged plank.



Decreased intensity option: Chair sits.  Perform the same motion, however use a chair for support.  Gently sit down on the chair and stand back up.  If possible, try to avoid putting any weight on the chair.
Increased intensity option: Jumping squats.  Perform the same motion, however instead of standing up, jump straight up allowing your feet to leave the ground.  Upon decent, land each jump in the squatted position.  



Note: Perform this exercise by taking a step in front of you and lunging into the position show in the diagram.  Then, step back into the starting position and perform the exercise with the alternate leg.
Decreased intensity option: Step ups.  If available, step up onto a raised surface such as a chair or stair.
Increased intensity option: Jumping lunges.  Perform this exercise by stepping into your first lunge and then instead of stepping back into the starting position, jump into the air and alternate feet positioning.

Push ups



Decreased intensity option: Push ups on knees (instead of toes) or in a standing position, push yourself off of a countertop or wall.
Increased intensity option: Hand release push ups.  Perform this exercise by lowering your body all the way to the floor and picking your hands up off of the floor.  Then, place your hands back on the floor and push yourself up into the starting position.

If you would like to turn up the intensity on the entire routine, consider the following:

  • Perform the routine multiple times back to back (e.g., 3 times in a row).
  • Perform the workout using the tabata method.  Either perform the entire routine for one 4 minute cycle or perform each workout move for one 4 minute cycle (totaling 16 minutes).  For example, Day 1 may look like:
    • Entire routine using tabata timing for one 4 minute cycle – Jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, push ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, push ups…continue repeating until you’ve reached 4 minutes.
    • One exercise at a time for one 4 minute cycle – Jumping jacks (tabata timing for 1 minute), sit-ups (tabata timing for 1 minute), squats (tabata timing for 1 minute), push ups (tabata timing for 1 minute).
    • Four 4 minute cycles (16 minutes) – Jumping jacks (1st cycle using tabata timing for 4 minutes), sit-ups (2nd cycle using tabata timing for 4 minutes), squats (3rd cycle using tabata timing for 4 minutes), pushups (4th cycle using tabata timing for 4 minutes).

Last but certainly not least… stretch and warm up!  

Before you begin your workout each day, make sure you take the time to properly stretch and warm up.  Not sure what to do?  Consider big arm circles (forward and backward), arm stretches over your head (like you’re yawning in the morning), toe touches (or as best as you can), lunges, squats, hands on your knees and booty dances, and whatever else you can think of.  Just make sure you stretch!  Also, complete a few reps of each movement in order to warm up those specific muscles (e.g., do a few push ups, sit ups, etc.).

And there you have it!  Everything you need to know to complete the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.  Click here to print your copy of the workout program.  Still have a question?  Leave a comment in the comments section below and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to determine a meal plan!  Check out this clean eating page to help manage portion sizes and MAXIMIZE results! We also have TONS of simple clean eating recipes on the blog!

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Now let’s create a happy healthy you!

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