5 Day Clean Eating Results Are In!

What was your New Year’s Resolution?  Did you decide to eat healthier?  To lose weight?  To get back to the gym?  We are nearly 2 weeks into the new year… How’s it going for you?

I am SO PROUD of the women who joined us for our “New Year, New You” 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge this past week.  We have 60+ women from around the world all working together to HELP each other stay on track and start the new year off right.  How awesome is that?

In case you missed it, we host a FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge on Facebook typically every other month to encourage women to jump on board and straighten out their nutrition.  We provide a COMPLETE EATING GUIDE which includes a 5 day meal plan, corresponding recipes, shopping list, and of course… GROUP SUPPORT!

Our private Facebook group is where the magic happens.  Each day, we post a topic or question to help break bad habits and form healthier views about ourselves and our food.  We work TOGETHER to help each other stay accountable, push through tough situations, and accomplish our goals.  Did I mention that we do all of this for FREE?

Check out some awesome success stories from a few of our “New Year, New You” participants!

Kellie: “Eat Clean After Halloween” & “New Year, New You” participant lost 7 pounds in just 5 days!  

“My name is Kellie and I am a 37 year old mother of two! I have pretty much been heavy my whole life..not super heavy but always heavier than those around me. As I had children the weight increased and I had less and less time to make eating right and exercise a part of my daily habits. I was so tired of feeling bad about myself. I dieted and was able to lose and make some progress here and there. I hit a plateau and then I joined weight watchers. I was able to lose a little more weight on that program, but was tired of counting points. It was exhausting and well as a mother of two time came into play once again. I had been following Max Pankow on Instagram. The reason for my following was more so for the motivational posts she had and quotes I was drawn to her positivity. Pre Halloween I had purchased our Halloween candy early. You know what that means…I had to taste test each piece to make sure it was suitable for all the trick or treaters that we would be getting. I came across a post by Max inviting all of her followers to an After Halloween Eat Clean 5 day Challenge. She had talked about how it would eliminate cravings, and being tired, and irritable and those are all of the things I was feeling at the time. I decided…. what do I have to lose and joined the challenge. Max made it so easy with the meal guide, grocery list, recipes. The 5 Day challenge was amazingly simple and what did I lose….7 pounds. 7 pounds in 5 days I was amazed.  Although a loss of 7 pounds is great, it wasn’t the weight loss that I was happy about. It was everything that I had gained by eating clean! I had more energy, I was happier, I didn’t crave the sweets like I used to. The times that I did crave sweets, there were clean recipes that I could have that were amazing. I have learned that eating clean is a simple way of life. I have made this a part of my life and my kids are benefiting as well. I thank Max for extending her knowledge and support to me she has changed my life!”  –Kellie


Jessica:  “New Year, New You” participant felt refresh and proud to celebrate her birthday!


Stephanie:  “New Year, New You” participant is jumping for joy after she lost 8 pounds in 5 days!

After these 5 days of following Max’s 5 day clean eating guide I feel FABULOUS! I wake up every day feeling more energized than I have ever felt. I looked forward to clicking the facebook app on my phone to see what challenge Max had in store for us that day. After seeing the challenge  I would have something to think about in the car ride to work. This really got me ready for a day of success! Starting my day off like this left no room for failure because I had my head in the right place. I was also able to lose 8 lbs!  I even had one glass of wine last night with dinner since it was date night with my boyfriend! AND I SAID NO TO DESSERT! All this self-talk and motivational quotes that Max provided throughout the week made it easy to watch my boyfriend eat dessert and not even touch it. More important than the weight loss though is how I feel. I was able to go 4 days without coffee in the morning! I always thought I needed it to start my day and feel awake but eating healthy and having positive thoughts running through my mind made me realize that the coffee was just a crutch. I cannot wait to start the 21 day fix on Jan 19th! The unlimited support that Max provides in the private facebook groups makes it fun and makes you feel like you are not alone! I was in a dark place before I started this 5 day clean eating; emotionally eating and feeling terrible every morning I woke up and had to put my pants on because of how tight they were. Max has helped me see the light! Her positivity and support has meant everything to me and I cannot wait to see what the next challenge brings! This is the first time where I can honestly say I do not even care what the scale says because I just feel so great! How I feel is what will motivate me to keep going and never turn back to the old eating habits I had; I never want to feel like that again. Thank you to Max and everyone in the group for keeping me accountable!”  –Stephanie

Rereading these posts just now brought the BIGGEST SMILE to my face and a tear in my eye because YOU ARE DOING IT!!!  You are making the changes and setting yourself up for success!!!  I am proud beyond words and I cannot wait to continue with you all in the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on the 19th.  This is only the beginning of your journey and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories.  I hope your magic words spark someone else to take the leap and join our next 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

If you are interested in joining our next challenge, be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates regarding the next start date.

Now let’s create a happy healthy you!

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