Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

I’ll save the suspense… YES YES YES!!! While everyone raves about packing cubes, I never understood the hype (it’s a silly thing to get excited about), but they really do make a difference.  I know, I don’t sound as excited as the rest of the people suggesting these bags but pardon me while I contain my excitement for something epic.


Do packing cubes really allow you to pack more?

Are packing cubes worth it?  Yes.

Why? So many reasons.

Best one? Checked bag fees.

This is my one and done reason.  It’s pure logic.  If your packing cubes can squeeze your clothes into a carry on bag as opposed to a checked bag, then all it takes is one checked bag fee of $50 to prove its worth it.  Done.

What if there is no possible way you can bring a carry on and you will be paying the checked bag fee no matter what?  Are packing cubes worth it then?  Still yes.  They make packing (and unpacking) incredibly easy.

If that didn’t convince you, I’ll keep going…

Why Are Packing Cubes So Great?

Packing cubes are a game changer for backpackers (and travelers in general).  There are exactly what they sound like, cube-like “bags” to store your clothes/belongings when you pack.

You can pack much more clothing.

This is a traveler’s #1 fear, how are all my clothes going to fit into this tiny bag?  Typically we fold or roll our clothes, pack the suitcase (or backpack) and then sit on top while a friend ferociously zips the bag shut praying that the zipper doesn’t pop.  Sound about right?

With packing cubes, we get to play that game a few times, however your main bag stays safe.  Each bag acts as a mini-suitcase.  You pack as much as you can into that bag (rolling is the best) and the squeeze it shut!  When you think you can’t fit anymore, you still can.  These little bags are amazing!  Now your 12 shirts, 2 shorts, 2 dresses, 1 pant, etc. doesn’t take up 2/3 of your bag, it takes up one little cube.  Play this game again with undergarments and everything is stuffed away.

You can pack your bag easier, include more clothes, and not worry about the zipper breaking.

This all fit into 1 medium and 2 slim eBag packing cubes



The #1 trick to pack more (hint: packing cubes)

Your bag is easily organized.

The worst feeling is wanting to wear a specific item and not knowing where it is.  You tear apart the entire bag only to find it wrinkled at the bottom and now you’re surrounded by a giant heap of clothes.  Sound familiar? Packing cubes fix this.

There’s a bag for everything which makes it so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.  According to the eBag sizing, here’s how I normally pack my carry on backpack.

1 Medium Packing Cube: All of my clothes (excluding jackets/jumpers)

1 Slim Bag: Underwear, bras, socks, pajamas, etc.

1 Slim Bag: Miscellaneous clothing items if packing layers (scarf, extra cardigan, hat, gloves, etc.)

1 Small Bag: This is empty.  It’s just in case I need to stuff my handbag into my backpack for a budget flight.  First, I figure out if I can squeeze all of my handbag contents into the cube.  Then, I pack the bag.  If I don’t want to play around with my handbag contents, I just stuff this cube with a towel (to see the size).

Note: In the past, I’ve used the slim bags or small bags for packing toiletries and/or electronics.  The sizes above are from these bags: eBags 6 piece set

a perfect puzzle


Repacking is simple.

Remember the example above?  After finding that shirt at the bottom of the bag, you are now surrounded by a giant heap of clothes.  The clothes never go back in the same order and for some reason it feels like they grow in size.  How did I fit this all in before?!  Packing cubes fix that.

As long as you can get your clothes back into the packing cubes, repacking is simple!  Once you know the best way to pack your bag, the method doesn’t change.


Your clothes have less wrinkles.

This is true because rolling typically yields less wrinkles than folding.  Rolling also saves space and allows you to pack more.  Wrinkle Tip:  I test my clothes ahead of time and try to only pack items that don’t wrinkle easily.



The #1 trick to pack more (hint: packing cubes)


Packing cubes can easily double as a travel pillow.  Don’t laugh, I’ve used this idea while camping on the Inca Trail.  Total game changer.

Packing cubes come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  I use the eBags 6 piece set and love them!

How have packing cubes saved your life?  Do you think they’re worth it?

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