Danielle’s 21 Day Fix Results (-5 pounds & killer abs)

Success isn’t always measured in pounds…

I know what you’re thinking, I signed up to do this program to lose weight!  Am I right?  Danielle joined us for our FIRST EVER Challenge Group / Bootcamp in September 2014 with the goal of losing those last few stubborn pounds and tone up for her wedding which was quickly approaching (Feb. 2015).

Danielle jumped right in and committed herself 100% to the program.  She worked out every day, meal planned, supplemented with Shakeology, and even enlisted her fiance to join her on this journey!  Danielle was doing the deal.  This wasn’t an easy time for Danielle with wedding planning, moving, etc. but she STUCK WITH it and her consistency paid off!

Success isn’t always measured in pounds…

While Danielle DID LOSE those last stubborn 5 pounds, check out some of the AWESOME non-scale victories that Danielle was able to accomplish!  It just goes to show that the number on the scale doesn’t always determine your success… Wait till you see her after photo at the end!

HUGE NON-SCALE VICTORY!!!  This conversation is nearly two months after completing the challenge group / bootcamp with us in September.  Danielle kept up with the workouts and diet as best as she could, but what’s important is that she created a new LIFESTYLE that she was able to MAINTAIN as well as find balance, happiness, and results!

I am so proud of EVERYTHING Danielle has been able to accomplish and I cannot wait to see her gorgeous wedding photos!  She better be going on a honeymoon in the Bahamas with a six pack like that!  Time to show off all of your hard work and success!

If you’re interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix or an upcoming Challenge Group, please email me at max@maxpankow.com to find out more!  Danielle purchased the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack (fitness program + Shakeology) and has continued to drink Shakeology even after completing the Challenge Group with us.

Way to go girl!

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