Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den was my absolute FIRST solo adventure outside of my hometown.

  1. It’s gorgeous!
  2. It’s fun!
  3. I survived!

Devil’s Den is an underground spring inside a dry cave and it reminds me of a cenote if you know what that is.  If not, think 120 ft. sinkhole opening up to a mystical underground cave 50-55 ft. deep.

Welcome to Devil’s Den

Explore Devils Den, an underwater cave in Gainesville, FL.

If you want to hear all the details about my first solo travel experience, check out this post: My First Solo Adventure.

Things To Do

The main reason to visit Devil’s Den is to snorkel or scuba dive in the cave.  Other activities include nature walks, picnics, camping, and swimming in a heated pool.

Snorkeling Admission: Weekdays $15, Weekends + Holidays $20

Snorkeling Equipment Rental: $10 (includes mask, snorkel, fins)

Scuba Admission: $38 (certification required for entry)

Scuba Equipment Rental: $40 (individual equipment costs)

Note: Prices may have changed since writing this post.  You can find more information and a complete list of activities available on the Devil’s Den website.

What to Bring

Come ready with your bathing suit, towel, snacks and water.  All equipment can be rented on-site.  Showers are available but not necessary for entering the cave.


5390 N.E 180th Ave, Williston, FL 32696

*Approx. 30 minutes from the University of Florida Campus

Best Time to Visit

Monday-Thursday: Open 9am – Out of Water 5pm

Friday-Sunday: Open 8am –  Out of Water 5pm

*Last water entry at 4:30pm

My Advice: Go when the weather is warm (March-November) and the forecast is sunny.  The water temperature is 72F / 22C which doesn’t sound that cold but trust me, it is!  The best time of the day to visit is midday when the sun is shining and the water has had a chance to warm up HOWEVER recently Devil’s Den announced that it has been reaching capacity early in the day so it’s probably best to make this your first stop.

Want more info?

Head on over to the Devil’s Den website for more information.

Have you been?

How was it?  Leave your favorite travel tips in the comments below!

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Explore Devils Den, an underwater cave in Gainesville, FL.

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