Don’t Miss This in Krabi!

I had been trying to get to the Thai islands for years and we were finally on our way!  First stop, Krabi.

While Krabi isn’t necessarily an island, it was the perfect starting point for this month-long adventure.  And if you’re wondering who “we” are… it’s Lee and I.  Lee was one of the first people I met in SE Asia.  We met in a hostel lobby in Bangkok and I accidentally followed him around all month.  It wasn’t intentional, I promise.  We were on a similar route and he was about a week ahead of me.  Every time I checked into a hostel, he was checking out.  Our paths finally crossed for more than a day at the end of the December when we celebrated Christmas together in Pai (Thailand).  After that, we became fast friends.

Christmas in Pai

We traveled on and off together over the past few months, causing chaos and confusion everywhere we go.  What guy and girl travel together only as friends?  We do!  And its awesome!

There are some people (who you may be best friends with) but you can’t travel together because you’re on two totally different pages.  Then there are some people (who you may not even know very well) but you get on great and travel wonderfully together.  Lee is like my travel twin.  Sometimes I don’t even have to think because he already knows what I’m going to say and I am so grateful for that.  He’s also been my saving grace in way too many situations.  I don’t think I’d have any of my monkey bite vaccinations if it wasn’t for him.  I’d also probably be on level 1 of my riddle game, stranded in a random dorm room refusing to pack, and completely unsure which bus to book.  I probably would’ve fallen down the stairs on the night bus, paid way too much for everything (including all those hostel tanks) and gotten attacked by creepy drunk men in the middle of the night.  I could go on and on but thank you Lee, you’ve always got my back!

Since he’s leaving SE Asia in the next few weeks, we decided to have one last hurrah and conquer the Thai Islands together.

Krabi (Ao Nang)

Krabi is the main city that you fly into and Ao Nang is the beach town about 45 minutes away.  Just so you know, our last-minute flight from Bangkok to Krabi cost us 1280 baht ($37 USD) and a shuttle from Krbai airport to Ao Nang cost 150 baht ($4).  There will be tons of shuttle services in the airport and they will drop you off at your hostel.  We didn’t have a hostel booked so we just told them to drop us off at Slumber Party 2 (at the beach) and we hoped for availability.


Best Beaches Krabi Thailand

Slumber Party Hostel

A friend suggested we stay at Slumber Party 2 (Ao Nang Beach) (420 baht, $12 USD) and we were so happy we did!  It was amazing!  This is definitely a party hostel so if you’re not looking for that, don’t stay here.  They warn you when you check in too.  I found the dorms relatively quiet and the main area super social.  We were right on the beach too!

There is also a Slumber Party 1 (Krabi / Pub Crawl) hostel which is a little further from the beach and I think its a much craziest party hostel.  They transport everyone (for free) from Slumber Party 2 to Slumber Party 1 every night for a free BBQ dinner, pre-party and pub crawl.


Best Hostel in Krabi Thailand Slumber Party Hostel (1)

Must Do Tours

When we checked into Slumber Party 2, it was 10am and we were working on VERY little sleep from the past 2 nights (one on a hostel couch and the other with just 2-3 hours before our flight out).  They graciously gave us a free (and mouth-watering breakfast) and allowed us to drop our bags, shower, etc. while we waited for our room to be ready.

Slumber Party runs a tour every day and today was the island hopping tour leaving at noon.  I have no idea how, but we mustered up the energy to go on the all-day boat tour and it was amazing!  I highly recommend it.  We went to famous places such as Railay Beach, Chicken Island, Poda Island, and Tonsai Beach.  We snorkeled, swam with jelly fish, rock climbed, and saw giant penis shrines.  It was quite the adventure.  The cost was 750 baht ($22 USD) and well worth every penny.

If I had the chance to stay longer in Ao Nang, I would’ve went back to Railay Beach and spent a night there since there is so much to do and we could only see the super touristy parts.  I’d also head back to Tonsai Beach because this is one of the world’s best places to rock climb.  The beach is also very quiet with a strong hippie vibe and gorgeous sunsets.

The hostel also offers jungle tour tour but we never made it on that one.  They go to places such Tiger Temple, Emerald Pool, hot springs, night market, etc.  Check it out here.

I didn’t know this when we were there, but they offer a third tour, a secret kayaking tour!

Ao Nang (beach outside our hostel)

Ao Nang Beach

Railay Beach

Railay Beach

Penis Shrine at Railay Beach

Penis Shrine in Railay Beach

Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach

Slumber Party Crew

Slumber Boat Trip

Sunset at the beach 

Slumber Boat Trip Sunset

Legendary Pub Crawl

After spending all day in the sun and being exhausted beyond belief, I have no idea how we had the energy to hit the town for the legendary Krabi Pub Crawl.  OMG WHAT A DAY!

If you don’t know, a pub crawl is an organized event usually by a hostel where every person pays a small amount, in this case it was 450 baht ($12) for a free t-shirt, bucket drink (your cup is an actual bucket), and someone to bring you to 3+ bars in the area where you’ll get free transportation, free entrance, and free drinks/shots.  Pub crawls are always tons of fun and a great way to meet people.  If you don’t like to drink, you can usually tag along without the shirt or drink tickets and still have an amazing time!

I had no idea how accurate this precursor would be for the next month of insane adventures, all night escapades, some debauchery (okay, maybe more than some), amazing friends, and overall just an amazing time!

Kicking off the pub crawl 

Happy Easter

While I don’t think of myself as a crazy party type of person, I’m starting to learn that illusion is very far from the truth.  I’m definitely not be the embarrassing drunk girl (phew), but I am often the last person out every single night.  Thank goodness I prepared myself in Krabi because our next stop was about to get a whole lot crazier!


Best Beaches Krabi Thailand Tonsai Beach Krabi Thailand Railay Beach Krabi Thailand

Cue, Koh Phi Phi!

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