Jackie’s 22 Pound Weight Loss Ultimate Reset

Every now and then, a person comes into your life and simply BLOWS YOUR MIND!  Have you ever met someone like this?  For me, that person is Jackie.

For those of you who don’t know, when you purchase a Beachbody product from the Beachbody website or informercial, you are automatically assigned a coach at random.  Oftentimes, the customer does not understand the value of a coach and therefore typically ignores the email… Not this time…

I saw Jackie’s name pop up in my back office as a customer who purchased the Ultimate Reset– a 21 day DIET ONLY program aimed to wean you off meat, dairy, processed foods, grains, etc. in order to “reset” your body.  Knowing little information about the Ultimate Reset at the time, I quickly researched everything I knew about the product before reaching out to Jackie (just in case she responds to my email) and guess what… SHE DID!  Not only was I thrilled to have a “free” customer finally respond to my email, but Jackie’s excitement and enthusiasm got me so motivated to help her on this journey!

I don’t know if Jackie knows this, but she actually inspired me to purchase the recipe guide book that goes along with the Ultimate Reset and express ship it so that I could help answer her questions.  This was a game changer.  Just so you know, this is what I learned…

The 21 Day Ultimate Reset is an all-natural detox/cleanse that aims to restore the body to it’s “factory settings” by supplementing your diet with HEALTHY all-natural supplements such as himalayan sea salt, aloe vera, wheat grass, etc.  All of the supplements come with the program as well as a COMPLETE meal plan for the 21 days including recipes and shopping lists.  After having Jackie lose 22 pounds in just 21 days, I had to try the program for myself too.  I got the flu during the first week, traveled out of town during the second, and had Thanksgiving during the third (shame on me for picking such poor dates) BUT I still managed to lose 8 pounds and felt FABULOUS after.  I cannot wait to get more information up for you to read and pictures too, but in the meantime… Back to Jackie…

The Ultimate Reset makes it pretty straightforward about what to eat, when to eat, etc. so she didn’t really need my help, but I wanted to be the best coach possible.  When I meet someone so excited and so motivated to reach a goal, I just can’t help myself… I want to go all in too!

I added Jackie to our year round accountability group and checked in with her every few days.  Day after day, Jackie reported the most amazing news– increased energy, confidence, excitement, weight loss, willpower, habits changing, etc.  Jackie was doing it!  Jackie even managed to go out with her friends and fight all temptation to “give in”.  I was so proud!!!

But here’s the kicker… Check out this conversation with Jackie on her last day of the Ultimate Reset…

Jackie Ultimate Reset Weight Loss Convo

Jackie’s honesty is there… She wasn’t perfect… She ate the optional afternoon snack… She tweaked a few of the recipes… And she still LOST 20+ POUNDS!!!  This is out of this world!!!  Actually, she lost 22 pounds but who’s counting?  What happens next is the best part… SHE KEPT THE WEIGHT OFF!!!

After completing the Ultimate Reset, Jackie incorporated the principles and recipes into her everyday routine.  She got in the habit of eating only when hungry, filling her plate with vegetables, and taking the time to meal prep and cook.  After the Ultimate Reset, Jackie got back into the habit of exercise and started doing some at home workouts and running too!  She managed to keep the weight off over the holidays (hallelujah) and reached out for help when she needed it.  When Jackie hit a plateau in her weight loss, reached out for help.  She knew that she needed a kick in the butt with her diet, but she did not want to do the reset again (it’s pretty specific) so together we brainstormed and she tried out Portion Fix (the diet portion of the 21 Day Fix).  Wow… Look at her results…

Jackie Ultimate Rest Weight Loss Results

Seriously, this girl is amazing and she continues to BLOW MY MIND!!!  I am so grateful to have met her and joined her on this journey so far.  Jackie has taught me so much and I absolutely LOVE catching up with her.  I know we will have another amazing transformation story to report about her very soon.  Check out her before and after picture only only 2-3 months…

Jackie Ultimate Reset Weight Loss Picture

Girl, keep being awesome!! You are rocking it!!

If you are interested in learning more about the Jackie’s journey with the Ultimate Reset you can learn more about the program here.  If you are purchasing the ultimate reset, please note that the shipping cost for some reason is outrageous.  What I did to avoid paying this was that I ordered it “HD” with a monthly renewal of the maintenance program, but simply called and canceled the renewal after my purchase was made.  I saved about $25 in shipping because of this.  I can help you cancel this , if you decide to purchase the reset.

Furthermore, if you are interested in the Portion Fix (another diet-only plan but a LOT less extreme) or 2B Mindset, you can find out more information here.  And as always, you can also reach out to me via email with additional questions.  I’d love to help!

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