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Catch a sneak peek of December’s Move with Max just in time for the holidays… Thanksgiving too!


Change Starts Now

Its time to decide if you’re all in.  I’m talking about the holidays: excessive eating, lack of exercise, waiting until the New Year to get healthy…. 

Oh yeah… that!  Are you all in?  What will you decide?

Your decisions during Thanksgiving and the leftover-filled week that follows will affect the rest of your year. Are you going to indulge for the next five weeks, spiraling into sweet-and-savory madness? Or are you going to enjoy a rich meal or two before jumping back on track to meet your health and fitness goals?

While the latter is ideal, it’s not always easy. Do any of the following sound familiar?

“I had dessert yesterday, so I might as well order the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte today. I’ll get back on track Monday.”

“There’s a new Oreo flavor! What’s a few Oreos really going to do? I’ll get back on track Monday.”

“I pigged out last night, so I now I’ll just enjoy the rest of the weekend. I’ll get back on track Monday.”

Instead of waiting for Monday or the start of the New Year, why not start now?

You want to enjoy yourself during the holidays—eat all the cookies and eggnog and cake that end up in front of you. You want to relax and have fun. Am I right?

Let’s put it this way: The holidays are just a few days but December is a whole month. We do not need to throw out 1/12th of the year because we want to indulge a little.

I’m challenging you to consciously create balance with your health this season. Create a new holiday habit now. Don’t wait until Monday or after the holidays. Start today. Commit to something doable. Commit to something you’ll enjoy.

Want to catch up with friends and family? Start walking and use that time for personal calls.

Want to connect with people in the community? Join a local workout studio and go to classes two to three days a week. Call around to find holiday specials.

Want to spend time with your kids during winter break? Plan activities that get the entire family moving, such as playing at the park, biking, swimming and kayaking, just to name a few.

While it’s important to help yourself, look out friends and family, too. No one wants to gain weight during the holidays, but when we see a spouse, friend or co-worker make a beeline for the sweets, it’s easy to follow along. Now is the time to set a good example for your kids and those important to you by creating healthy holiday habits to start the New Year feeling fresh and fierce. It only takes one person and one action to start a chain of events. You can be that person, and you can start now.

Make It Count

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? Host your own fitness challenge! Challenge your friends, family or coworkers to a walk-off this season and offer the winner a fitness related gift of his or her choice. Set a daily or weekly goal to keep everyone active, but the winner would be whoever walks the most all month. Track your steps using a Fitbit, health app or pedometer.

[Originally published in December 2016 issue of Coral Springs/Parkland Life Magazine]

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