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Evolution Yoga Revolutionizes South Florida’s Gym Landscape

No one wants to pay for multiple gym memberships, but do we really have a choice? If you want to blast fat, then you need a membership at a gym that’s going to kick your butt. If you want to stretch or relax, then you need a membership at a studio that’s going to namaste your worries away. While each is important, how do we choose if we can only afford to pick one? Now more than ever, people are spending hundreds of dollars per month just to stay healthy and fit, but do we really need to?

Up until this month, it was nearly impossible to find your favorite workouts classes under one roof. While big fitness chains offer a variety of class selections, they often lack the personal touch smaller studios bring. A yoga class just isn’t the same at LA Fitness when compared to a specialized yoga studio. But this month, everything is changing— South Florida is getting a HUGE fitness facelift, and lucky for us, its right here in Coconut Creek!

With 5 studio rooms and a space spanning over 12,000 square feet, Evolution Yoga is revolutionizing the fitness landscape in South Florida. Evolution Yoga is not only the largest yoga studio on the East Coast, but also the first of its kind to offer a variety of cutting edge classes from hot pilates and aerial arts to TRX classes, barefoot bootcamps and so much more. If you thought that was awesome, it gets better— Evolution Yoga will be the home to a brand new Raw Juce location INSIDE the studio. Yes, you read that right. There will now be a Raw Juce right here in Coconut Creek! Pairing high intensity classes, restorative yoga, and a healthy selection of food, Evolution Yoga is creating the ultimate mind-body experience.

Most people dread going to the gym, but I have a feeling Evolution Yoga is going to change that. Mirroring the success from their studio in Las Vegas, we know Evolution Yoga is going to bring the hottest trends and revolutionary style to the South Florida community. They are creating a space where the community can finally come together under one roof. I am so excited for opening day!

Evolution Yoga is located on State Road 7 between Holmberg and Hillsboro. Head on over to their website at and check out the amazing grand opening specials! My favorite is the South Florida Legacy— buy 12 months, get 12 months free. They also offer annual memberships, 6 month memberships, and even a 7 day pass for just $20. If you prefer to use your phone, download the Evolution Fitness interactive app to manage your membership and stay up-to-date with specials, promos, class schedules and more.

Don’t Quit– Commit

Do you want to know the most effective weight loss plan? It’s the one that you like! It sounds too easy, but its true. Don’t jump on a trend just because Beyonce did it, do it because it works for you. If you hate it, you’ll never stick with it. The key to lasting change is consistency and commitment. What can you commit to this month? What small change can you make? Whether it’s walking around the block, dancing in your pjs, or playing with your dog, be consistent. I challenge you to commit to something that you’ll enjoy. Start small. How about a 5 minute walk? Too easy? Make it so easy that you can’t say no. ( And post your favorite workout pictures to social media with hashtag #MoveWithMax so I can see them.)

[Originally published in September 2016 issue of Coral Springs/Parkland Life Magazine & Coconut Creek Life Magazine]

Evolution Yoga Move with Max Evolution Yoga Move with Max


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