Melissa’s MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME Transformation with the 21 Day Fix

I simply could not think of a better time to post this story than on Valentine’s Day!  Melissa brings a whole new meaning to what LOVE is truly all about.  I am so proud of your accomplishments and the life you have created for yourself– a life (and body) that you love!

From the moment I met Melissa in October 2014, I knew that she was determined to achieve something special, but I had NO IDEA how special her transformation would be!   Melissa was referred by a friend from a previous challenge group and I remember Melissa being excited (yet hesitant) to start “something new” because after all, why would THIS TIME be any different?  Why would THIS work?

Melissa joined our November 21 Day Fix Challenge Group / Bootcamp with the 21 Day Fix base kit.  After a few days in the group however, Melissa upgraded to the “challenge pack” version (with Shakeology) and she hasn’t looked back since!

Take a moment to read some of our messages back and forth below— her story is truly amazing and I am blessed to have this once stranger (now FRIEND) in my life.  Melissa BROUGHT 110% EVERYDAY to the challenge group and committed everything she had to the program.  Melissa constantly sought out help when needed, asked for advice, offered support to the other members, and really took a leadership role on our team.  She joined our November group, December group, January group, and now our February group too.  There is NO stopping this chick!  She is on a mission!

To be honest, I really don’t know how I’ll ever host a group without Melissa because her positivity RADIATES in the group and I look forward to hearing her post every day!  Melissa, you are PROOF that with the right mindset, ANYTHING is possible.  I am BLOWN AWAY by your transformation– mind, body, and spirit.

She did it!!!!  She stayed committed and consistent (even over the holidays) and lost over 20 pounds!!!  Melissa hasn’t seen the 130’s in quite some time and she finally got back there!!!  What an awesome feeling 🙂  If you have ever been on a weight loss journey, then you know what this crazy awesome out-of-this-world feeling is like… It’s unreal!!!

Now for the best part… If 20+ pounds wasn’t enough of a reason to stay committed, check out how much Melissa’s body has transformed.  I am BLOWN AWAY by this.  Look at your arms Melissa!!  This is beautiful!!

I know we are going to keep getting photos and updates from Melissa on this journey so be on the lookout for another feature from her!  If you’re interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix or an upcoming Challenge Group, please email me at to find out more!  Melissa purchased the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack (fitness program + Shakeology) and has continued to drink Shakeology even after completing the Challenge Group with us.

Way to go!!!

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