Mexican Lettuce Wraps

Who’s excited for Taco Tuesday?  I am!  With one week left until Cinco de Mayo, we’re getting crafty in the kitchen to bring you TONS of recipes.  We’re actually testing out a *NEW* taco recipe tonight so fingers crossed that it turns out well and we can share that one too!  In the meantime, sink your teeth into the super simple, Mexican lettuce wrap taco!

Mexican lettuce wraps are an excellent way to lighten up traditional tacos.  They can be filled with just about ANYTHING and everything you can imagine.  Our Mexican lettuce wraps are pictured with the following ingredients: cauliflower rice, black beans, corn, diced tomato, and diced avocado.  We served our lettuce wraps with our homemade cilantro lime dressing as a dunking sauce.  Yum!

Please note that this is just ONE option to make these lettuce wraps.  Feel free to get creative!  To be resourceful and switch up our meals without having to purchase too many extra ingredients, we used ingredients from our Black Beans & Cauliflower Rice recipe as well as our Mexican Chopped Salad and Cilantro Lime Dressing.

Although not pictured, we also filled a few lettuce wraps with our Quinoa Black Bean Salad and topped them with Guacamole and Vegan Sour Cream!  My favorite was the quinoa black bean salad – I’m obsessed with that salad!

We love tacos because it’s always a fun and interactive meal!  Plus, who doesn’t love tacos?!

Wanna get super fancy?  Whip up some healthy “homemade” Ezekiel chips (recipe found here) or use Ezekiel tortillas to make healthier tacos.  Taco Tuesday?  Lettuce wrap Wednesday?  YES PLEASE!

Tell me, what’s in your Mexican lettuce wrap?

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