Life Magazine: You’ll Never Guess What’s Climbing Into Fitness

You’ll Never Guess What’s Climbing Into Fitness

If you’ve lived in South Florida most of your life, then I’m sure you or someone you know has scaled a rock wall before.  Whether you’ve climbed in Coral Square Mall (throwback 2005) or ascended among the open seas (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines), rock climbing has always been an exclusive experience that comes far and few between. 

Not anymore.

Rock climbing enthusiasts are reaching new heights. First, treadmill-style rock climbing walls began popping up in local gyms, community fitness centers, and college campuses.  Now, full-scale indoor rock climbing gyms are exploding into the fitness scene.  It’s time we give ‘hang ten’ a whole new meaning.

If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous way to spruce up your workout routine, add indoor rock climbing to your list!  As a South Florida native, my rookie rock-climbing skills did not hinder my experience during my first-ever rock climbing class at Coral Cliffs Indoor Rock Climbing Gym in Fort Lauderdale.

In an introductory class, prepare to spend an hour learning rock climbing basics, safety skills, knot-tying techniques, and belaying practices.  Once the basics are covered, it’s time to climb the wall!  Climbing is both a physical and a mental work out.  You’ve got to think ahead and plan out your climb.  Can you reach that rock?  Can you hold the grip?  When you’re up there, it’s just you and the wall.  It’s time to focus; nothing else matters.

Are you ready to rock it? Check out Coral Cliffs Rock Climbing Gym (Fort Lauderdale) or X-Treme Rock Climbing Center (Miami).

From Running to Running Errands

It’s official.  Merriam-Webster plans to add athleisure to the next edition of its dictionary. Not sure what it is? Athleisure is “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.”  Generally speaking, it’s that moment when you’re unsure whether to dress up or dress down, when you put on your *cute* workout shirt and patterned leggings before heading out to do errands (with no plans of stepping foot inside a gym).  Finally, it’s socially acceptable!  Yippee! 

[Originally published in April 2016 Coral Springs/Parkland Life MagazineCoconut Creek Life Magazine]

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