Life Magazine: Why I Traveled Solo And Why You Should Too

Why I Traveled Solo And Why You Should Too

As the sun rose from behind the canyon’s rim, time stood still.  I took a deep breath in, a joyful tear rolled down my face, and a faint whisper escaped my soul, “I did it.”  I.  DID.  IT.  There I was 5,000 feet above the Grand Canyon basking in all its glory.  There I was, just me, all alone.

Have you ever wanted something so badly, yet never made time to do it?  A trip that didn’t get planned?  A race that was never trained for?  A moment, an experience, an opportunity, that you simply let slip away?  Why?  What stopped you? Was it others or was it you?

I booked my flight 6 days before I left for the Grand Canyon.  I planned the entire trip that week.  And as a hiking novice, I read obsessively about the trails and researched everything I’d need to know about hiking, especially since I’d be going alone.

Was I really doing this?  Was I really going alone?  Would I be bored?  Would I be safe?  Should I have shared this experience with someone else?  All the questions I heard leading up to that trip flooded my mind as I sat on the plane.  Was this a mistake?  Should I have listened to the naysayers?  As I sat there replaying these question in my head, I reminded myself, “I can do anything.”  I. CAN. DO. ANYTHING.  And more importantly, I wanted to do this.  I wanted to go alone.  I wanted this exact experience.  I didn’t want to share it, not this time.  This was for me.

I started this experiment with a trip to the beach alone.  Then a visit to Bonnet House Gardens.  Then a local yoga class.  Then skydiving (because why not).  By then, I was pretty confident that I could do this— that I could actually enjoy time with myself— and I was right!  After 6 strenuous days hiking the trails, I have never felt more alive.  I encourage you to get out and spend time with yourself.  Find what fuels your soul.  Whether it’s a 6-day hiking trip through the Grand Canyon, 6-hour tour of the Everglades, or 60-minutes at your first yoga class, its time to start doing you! 

With a few weeks left of the summer, I challenge you to take time for yourself.  Explore. Try new things.  Get uncomfortable.  Go on a date with yourself.  Shut your phone off for a day (I did).  Make new friends.  Get lost.  Get found.  Find you. 

What did you do this summer?  How did you grow?  Remember, lessons aren’t only learned during the school year.  Make each moment count!

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[Originally published in August 2016 issue of Coral Springs/Parkland Life MagazineCoconut Creek Life Magazine]

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