Party in Koh Phi Phi

I had no idea Koh Phi Phi was such a party scene, none.  Honest!

We arrived from Krabi and I quickly realized this wasn’t going to be like any of the other places I’ve visited.  This island had no cars, walking streets only, and it was covered in half naked 18-30 year old tourists (some of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen).

We were hung over, exhausted, sunburnt, and so so sweaty.  To get here from Krabi, we booked the transfer through the hostel and it included a 45 minute mini van ride to the dock then a 2 hour ferry ride to Koh Phi Phi.  I believe the cost was 600 baht ($17 USD) for everything.  Once you get to Koh Phi Phi, you walk to your hostel because there are no cars or transportation.  Pack lightly!

And a quick heads up, it cost 20 baht ($0.50 USD) to enter Koh Phi Phi.  Another heads up, its pronounced “Pee Pee” not “Fi Fi” just so you don’t sound like an idiot 😉

Finding A Hostel

While all of our friends ventured to the world-famous strip of hostels lined up on the crazy party beach, we followed along hoping to find a suitable (and available) hostel for ourselves.  We would’ve taken anything at this point, seriously anything.  It was so hot and we were carrying everything we owned.

Then magically, by the grace of god, we ran into one of our old friends from Bangkok!  We happened to run into him right in front of his hostel!  We were one minute from the beach, the hostel was cheap, and it had availability!  Thank you universe!

The top party hostels are Ibiza House, Stones, and Blanco’s.  We partied at all three of these places but our hostel, Alena Dorm Room, was literally a 2 minute walk from the beach and we were able to have some peace and quiet.  The party hostels have music blasting all day and night so it is really hard to catch a few hours of sleep if you’re staying there.  I actually loved our hostel because we were on the corner where everyone must turn to head to the beach hostels so if we sat on the porch, we could easily see all of our friends heading in and out of the beach.  It was also super cheap at 300 baht ($8 USD) per night.

We booked two beds, got settled, and Lee took a nap.  We both desperately needed it.

Somehow though, I wasn’t tired.  I was ready to explore.  I walked to the beach with every intention of watching the sunset but the lure of crazy loud autotune electronic dance music pulled me off course and into the Ibiza House pool party.  Yes!

The blasting music sucked me in.  I don’t think I ever wandered into such a social situation without knowing anyone there, but I didn’t even care.  I was so happy.  I was smiling.  I was dancing.  I felt so at home.

My moment of bliss

I finally made my way to the beach just as the sun was setting.  As I stood there, alone, with dance music blasting in the background, I felt so insanely happy.  I had waited SO LONG for this moment.   Years ago when I decided I wanted to go to Thailand (before it was the cool thing to do), this is exactly what I pictured.

Sunset on Koh Phi Phi

Best Sunsets Koh Phi Phi Thailand

I can’t explain it but in that moment I realized that this is what it feels like to get everything you ever wanted. 

I started to cry.

I was so happy, so insanely happy.

Years in the making and I was finally there.

I stood there in silence as I watched the sun set behind the horizon.  I watched the sky light up with beautiful purples and pinks and cotton candy skies.  I looked around and couldn’t help but smile.

Things started to click.

My Thing

I never really knew what my “thing” was.  Some people know exactly what they’re interested in.  Maybe its museums or temples or sports.  Maybe its food or fashion or culture.  But for me, I never knew.  I always looked for adventure, for things off the beaten path, and for anything that would generate some sort of adrenaline, but I didn’t think that was anything you could call a “thing”.  I thought it was normal.  And in this moment, watching the sun set with the music blasting in the background, it clicked.  It was all these crazy wild moments that lit up my soul— the chaos, the dancing, the smiling faces— this is what made me feel most at home.

We spend a few days frolicking in Koh Phi Phi.  Boat parties during the day, neon paint and fire shows at night.  I stayed up way too many nights dancing as fire flew past me and waves crashed in the background.  It was magical, something straight out of a movie. 

DON’T FORGET – PIN THIS!Best place to party koh phi phi thailand

The Views <3

With every crazy night came another early morning… a hike to take, a viewpoint to visit, a sight to see.  Traveling is always best with some balance, right?

Koh Phi Phi Must See’s

If you’re headed to Koh Phi Phi, you must do a boat tour.  We opted for the overly-expensive but super fun Blanco’s Boat Party booze cruise.  It was 2000 baht ($58 USD) per person which I thought was kind of steep but peer pressure got the best of us and we had so much fun with our friends from Krabi.  As part of the price, you also get a free tank top, free entrance into Maya Bay, and all you can drink from 2pm-7pm.  You can easily do this boat trip on a smaller budget.

All the boats take you to the same sights, especially the two most well known places Monkey Beach and Maya Bay (where the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed).  Opt for a half day tour on a private boat (if you have a few friends) or a small long tail boat.  You can expect prices to range from 400-600 baht plus the Maya Bay entrance fee of 400 baht.  If you can, opt out of paying the Maya Bay fee.  The fee allows you to dock the boat and go on an unimpressive 10 minute walk.  Save the 400 baht and just cruise around on the boat instead.  FYI, all prices are negotiable... always!


From the movie the beach maya bay thailand

And for all you land lovers, there is one EPIC hike that you must do.  It’s the only hike on the islands to the “viewpoint” and your hostel can point you in the right direction.  There are 2 viewpoints so don’t stop at the first one, go to both.  To enter the second viewpoint, it costs 30 baht (just under 1 USD).

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint


Best Viewpoints Koh Phi Phi Thailand Best Viewpoints Koh Phi Phi ThailandThat hike was our last adventure in Koh Phi Phi.  It was amazing!  I’m not sure how either of us made the climb, hungover, with no sleep, and mid-day in the insane heat, but somehow we did it.  It was worth every bucket of sweat!

Shortly after (while still drenched in sweat) we boarded a boat and headed to the super quite island of Koh Lanta.

It was time to recover.

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