Rained Out in Langkawi

I think this is a first. I am leaving a city without seeing ANYTHING, not one thing (unless you count the Indian restaurant Colonial India right outside my hostel). For the first 3 days I was here it rained and rained and rained. The forecast indicated more rain all week so when my hostel booked up and left me without a place to sleep, I decided to head out.

As luck would have it, after 3 days of nearly nonstop rain, today it is sunny. Really sunny.  The perfect amount of sunshine with just enough clouds to prevent you from melting in the heat. Wtf!

This was supposed to be one of the best places to visit in Malaysia filled with beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls, awesome hikes, and everything in between.  And now, I’m sitting outside (practically melting) and waiting for my ferry to arrive.

I did enjoy my private room though, a first in 9 months.  I’ve shared rooms with friends (so technically they were private) but I’ve never had one all to myself.  I’ve never needed it.  But it was my only choice here so I took it and it was fantastic!

It Was A Nightmare From The Start

I really can’t believe I’m leaving here after the insane headache it was to get to this island.  Did you read about the journey from hell I took to get here?  The 23 hour trip from Koh Tao to this beautiful island?  If you didn’t, check it out here.  It was insane.  I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy but it’s usually those days that I cherish most.  This one will definitely go down in history for me.

Why Leave

The only things I wanted to do while here were all outdoors– relax on a beach, swim in a waterfall, snorkel, hike a mountain, etc.  None of those things could be done in the rain. Well they could, but it wouldn’t be fun.

I’m a little gutted to leave today (and even more so if it stays sunny this week) but the time has come to move on.  And even though the sun was out this morning, there was something deep inside me that refused to let me leave the hostel. I have no idea why. The beach is literally across the street and I could not get myself to venture out and see it.  Weird.  That’s definitely a sign to leave.

Where Next

Currently I’m in the backseat of an Uber (yes, they have Uber here) heading to the port to catch a ferry to Penang, another island, where the weather looks a little bit better. Penang has a city vibe, a ton of culture, and its capital, George Town, is a unesco world heritage site.

To be honest, Penang doesn’t sound like a place I want to visit but it’s usually those cities that impress me the most. Just look at how Koh Lanta turned out!  And as an added incentive, I had my mom send a package to Penang so I would be forced to leave the Thai islands and venture into a new country.

How I Pick My Next Destination

I used to research and plan tons before getting to a new city but that’s not the case anymore. I have almost no idea what to expect other than what I’ve already told you. Half the fun is figuring it out, right?

I usually look on the map, ask people at the hostel, and check the weather.  The closest (and cheapest) place with the best weather usually wins.  And that’s how I pick!  To be honest, I don’t even know how long my ferry ride is.  I didn’t ask.  It didn’t matter.  I assumed a few hours at most.  The only thing I know is that my hostel is 2km from the dock and I plan to walk there with bags in the insane heat.  Fun!

I’ve got a copy of SE Asia Lonely Planet saved to my phone so maybe if I’m bored I’ll do some reading on the ferry. Reading that book usually puts me to sleep so it might be nice to have a nap on the ferry.  These really are the things I think about while in the backseat of an Uber.

What I Should’ve Done in Langkawi

I wish I could tell you all the amazing things I did, but there is nothing to share.  I can tell you about naan bread though, lots and lots of naan.  And hummus…. bowls of hummus…

Naan and hummus

If you’re headed to Langkawi, here were some of the things that I wanted to do that you’ll have to check out.

  • Rent a scooter
  • Beaches: Tengah, Cenang, Black Sand Beach, Tanjung Rhu (the prettiest beach)
  • Waterfalls: Durian, 7 Wells, Temurun
  • Viewpoints: Gunung Raya (scooter or hike), Cable Car + Sky Bridge
  • Night Market(s)
  • Island Hopping Tour: Pregnant Lady Lake, Eagle Feeding, Snorkeling
  • Misc Places: Underwater World, 3D Museum, etc.

Hopefully I’ll return one day and see what all the hype is about.  If not, someone else please share your experience in the comments below.  Time to visit the next city, Penang!

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