Road Trip Day 3.3 – Paddle Boarding Lake Powell

Paddle Boarding at Lake Powell

After driving 2.25 hours this morning, visiting Horseshoe Bend, and hiking Upper & Lower Antelope Canyons, I was exhausted by now.  I also didn’t leave enough time between my two tours for lunch so I was starting to get really hangry (hungry + angry).  The original plan was to paddle board this afternoon, but all I could think of was eating lunch and taking a nap.  After a quick call to my mom, she encouraged me to “live a little” and I decided to paddle board.  BEST IDEA EVER!

I took another one of Alyssa’s suggestions and rented a paddle board from Lake Powell Paddleboards.  It was $40 for the day (ending at 6pm) and I had just about 3 hours left.  Even with only 3 hours (drive time + paddling time), it was still worth it!  The views were amazing and the entire experience was surreal.  I wish I would’ve had more time to explore the canyon, but given my limited time, this was the best I could do and I would do it over again in a heartbeat.

Once you pick up your board, the paddle board company will give you detailed directions to Lake Powell.  If you purchased the $80 annual park pass then you don’t have to pay anything to get into Glen Canyon National Park.  If not, I believe it’s $25 to enter.  Just get the pass!

Heads up!

You will have to drive 25 minutes from the canyon tour area (and coincidentally Lake Powell) to pickup a paddle board from the main town.  Then you will have to drive back to almost exactly where you were before.  Better planning could’ve solved this, but whatever!  Also note that you will have to put the paddle board on the roof of your car and drive on the highway to get to the lake.  They will attach it but pay attention because its up to you to attach it on the way back!  ← They teach you so pay attention.  Last note, the board is surprisingly heavy.  Being alone, I had some trouble getting it on and off the roof.  Thankfully there was someone nearby who offered to help me.  Thank you!

Beginners Advice

I have only paddle boarded once in my life before this trip.  I’m very lucky to have had some knowledge/practice but I think you’ll be fine if you’re a beginner.  Tell the people at the rental store and they will give you a crash course.

What do I do with my stuff?

Bring a ziplock bag for whatever items you want to bring on the board with you.  My cell phone has a waterproof case so I brought that without worries.  I also brought my car keys, selfie stick, snack bar and a bottle of water.  I put everything on a gallon size ziplock (maybe two) and strapped it down to the front of the board.


Paddleboarding Lake Powell

Best Tip Ever

The all-time best advice I can give you when doing ANY kind of water activity, get a floatie.  GoPro’s have an odd bouy-like item that floats in the water, invest in something like that or this and toss it in your bag.  If your bag happens to fall into the water, it won’t sink to the bottom!

Paddleboarding Lake Powell

Post-paddling, you’ve got to strap the board back onto the roof of your car and drop it off before 6pm (or whatever time they close that day).  There are tons of restaurants in town and a grocery store too.

Don’t skip this Food Advice

If you are heading to Kanab, pickup food before your drive!  If you need snacks for the drive and Zion National Park, now is the time to stop.  There is next to nothing in Kanab, and at least for me, a happy belly is a happy human.  The grocery store is within 5 minutes of the paddle board company.

It’s about a 1.25 hour drive to Kanab.  I stayed at the Cowboy Bunkhouse hostel which was fine but I think there are really cool airbnbs that you can get instead.  Alternatively, plan ahead and stay in Springdale at the park entrance!

road trip food

Time to Drive!

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What are your top paddle boarding destinations?

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Paddleboarding Lake Powell

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