Road Trip Day 6 – Bryce Canyon National Park

Day #6 – Bryce Canyon

From Kanab (where I slept) it was a 1.5 hour drive to Bryce Canyon National Park.  If you opted to stay in Springdale, then the drive should be about 2 hours.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park has something special to offer– hoodoos.  Hoodoos are crazy, tall (very tall), spiky rocks that are just strange!  I had never seen anything like them before so I decided it was worth a visit.  Also, Bryce Canyon National Park entrance is free with the $80 annual park pass so it only made sense to keep going!

Side Note:  Today was my last day traveling and I had a 4.5 hour drive from Bryce Canyon back to Vegas to catch a redeye flight home. Let me warn you, it was an exhausting day.

Once I arrived, I grabbed a map, a coffee and a bench to come up with a plan.  I decided to park my car at Sunrise Point and complete the hikes below.  It may sound like a lot of hiking but I was only there 2-3 hours (at most).

bryce canyon 1


How To Hike Bryce Canyon National Park in 1 Day

Sunrise Point to Sunset Point

I hiked Sunrise Point to Sunset Point via the Queen’s Garden Trail (which is also the endpoint of the Garden/Navajo Loop).

bryce canyon 4

bryce canyon 1

bryce canyon 2

Sunset Point to Inspiration Point via Rim trail

When I arrived at Sunset Point, I opted to hike the Rim Trail, a flat trail that follows the rim of the canyon towards Inspiration Point.  There are many viewpoints along the way and a shuttle that can take you up to Inspiration Point if you get tired.  The hike has several uphill areas which could be tiring (not hard) and an elevation of 8,100 ft.  It is totally worth it though!

bryce canyon 3

bryce canyon 5

inspiration point bryce canyon 6

I only had time for a few quick hikes but there are TONS at the park.  I’d love to go back and continue to explore.  For a listing of all the hikes available at Bryce Canyon National Park, check out the official website here.

Post-hike, I used baby wipes to clean off and left a clean-ish change of clothes out for the plane.  Consider this when you are planning your last day. I chose to do Bryce Canyon, but you may choose not to.  

The drive back to the Las Vegas Airport was 4.5 hours from Bryce Canyon National Park.  Armed with a great audio book, a Subway sandwich, and plenty of snacks, the journey was on!

If you are thinking of visiting to any of these places, please reach out or comment on the posts and I would be more than happy to help answer any planning questions you may have!

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When is your trip to Bryce Canyon scheduled?  Which trail is your favorite?

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