Hey, I’m glad you’re here!

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re feeling a little stuck… unsure… confused about life… doubtful of your greatness…

Does that sound about right?  Don’t worry, I got you!  I had all these fears and feelings too, especially the uncertainty. Quitting my job, ending my relationship, selling my belongings, packing a bag, silencing all the naysayers (myself included), picking a destination, buying a one way ticket, solo traveling the world, making money on the road, and building an online business… yep, I met fear and uncertainty every step of the way.

That’s why I’m here to help!

Do you need help?

I thought I was a badass to figure everything on my own, but now I know, help is alwayssss appreciated. Why struggle when someone with more experience can help you out?

It’s not cheating, I promise. You’re still doing this on your own. I won’t be there to hail a taxi and barter the ridiculous tourist ripoff price as you leave the Bangkok airport. That’s all you. I won’t be there as you fearlessly scooter through the dimly lit streets of the rice patty fields after a late night out. The “shortcut” in Canggu, that’s all you!  And I definitely won’t be there to warn you about playing with the monkeys (hint hint: they bite). That’s all you babe!

See? You’re doing this badass thing all on your own.  What I will be there for is preparation, planning, and putting the pieces together.

I will be there to help plan your trip, give you an outline of things to see and do, and provide tips for certain cities and destinations.  I will be there to review what you’ve already figured out, make sure you didn’t miss anything, and confirm you’re on the right track.  I will be there to talk you back into the game when you get stressed out, remind you that solo traveling isn’t terrifying, and make sure you leave home with everything I can possibly think of to make this your best adventure yet!

I will be the “yes, yes, you got this” person that you so desperately need. Deal?

Which sounds like you?


→ Review My Itinerary

I’ve read every blog post, pinned my favorites to the 13 Pinterest boards I’ve created for this trip, replanned my route over a dozen times, and I think I finally got it. I think… Wait, maybe I don’t? Does this look alright? I’m starting to freak out a bit. I know I’m missing something. Help, I’m missing something! Can you please look this over and tell me it looks alright? Did I forget anything? Are my dates okay? Is there a different city you’d recommend? Is there a place you’d take out? Ahhhh, help!

→ Plan My Trip

While I’d love to plan my own trip, I googled “how to plan a solo backpacking trip,” and 23 pages later, I am so overwhelmed. I actually kinda want to cry. Maybe this is too much for me. I can’t even read the names of the cities. How am I supposed to know which ones are the best? Crap, I need help. It feels like my brain is swirling through the blender. Can you please help me? Where do I start? I need someone to help me come up with an outline and itinerary. I’ll do the research after that!

→ Fix My Travel Jitters

I may or may not need help with my itinerary, but that’s an entirely different problem… Right now I’m freaking out a bit. Am I crazy to go backpacking? Am I even crazier to go alone? What if I don’t make friends? How do I make friends? What if people are mean to me? What if I’m not that outgoing? What if I hate it? What if I feel lonely? Are hostels dirty? Do I really need to sleep in a bunk bed? Will I be safe? Will my stuff be safe? What do I do with my passport? Do I need to wear shower shoes? Is this a dumb idea? Am I too old? How much is this going to cost? Should I be saving for a house? Should I just listen to my family and friends? Is this reckless? Am I running away from real life? How do I even get started? How do I pick a place? What’s my budget? What’s a reasonable budget? Do I need traveler’s insurance? What about vaccines? Am I going to get sick? What happens if I get sick? What do I do about my phone? How do I talk to my friends at home? How do I talk to the locals? …. Woah woah woah, slow down. We got this. I’ve got answers for you. Been there, done that, and met hundreds (probably thousands) of people who felt the way you feel right now. Let’s sort through these fears and questions one by one. When we’re done, I promise you’re going to feel so much better.

→ I Need a *Life* Peptalk

Hmmm, I’m terrified to make a decision.  I feel stuck in a job, a relationship, or a life that I know isn’t right for me, but I don’t know what to do. I crave adventure, excitement, and something new. I want to travel and see the world. I think I might want to work online. I’m not sure. I’m not sure about anything anymore. I want to do something that I love. I don’t even know what my passion is. How do I figure that out? I’m so f*cking confused with what to do and where to start. I feel beyond overwhelmed. I’ve read dozens of personal development books, completed all the exercises, yet still feel so lost. I feel like *this is my time* but I’m too scared to take the jump. Help!

This sounds like a quarter-life crisis. It happens to the best of us– the dreamers, the doers, the action-seekers. If this is you, BREATHE. Breathe. One more time, breathe. Phew! Now that you’ve calmed down a smidge, let’s chat.

  1. This is normal and we can figure it out.
  2. You’re not crazy, despite what your friends and family think.
  3. You’re not alone. ((hi, I’m here!))

Feeling any better?  I hope so!  First off, social media sucks. Everyone looks like they have it all figured out but I promise you they don’t. Secondly, it’s not about them… it’s about you. And most importantly, being scared means you’ve got guts. Change is scary. Big change is even scarier. Branching off from what everyone else is doing is down-right terrifying. Believing in yourself and your crazy ideas (when everyone is against you) often feels nearly impossible.

But you can do it. That’s why you’re here. Let’s keep this convo going… Shoot me a message in the contact form below! We got this!

→ I Want a Blog

Hey, I love your blog. I want one. I’ve read posts about how to start a blog but I’m still so confused. What’s a niche? Do I really need one? I have too many ideas to just pick one. What’s better– WordPress or Squarespace? Which host should I use? What about a theme? How do I monetize this? How do you make money? Uhh hey, can you help a sister out?

→ I Want To Make Money & Travel

I don’t like to write, how else can I make money? What about teaching English online? How do you do that? What about being a social media manager? Is there a place I can learn? What about web design? Or being a virtual assistant?

What if I don’t want to work online? How to I make money in person? Can I work at a hostel? Do I need experience? What’s a working holiday? I read about people picking bananas in Australia, is that a thing? Do I need a special visa for that? What about being a nanny? Or volunteering? Or teaching English in person? I have so many questions and I want to travel as long as I can! Please help!

Let’s Chat!

If you’ve made it this far, let’s chat! Something’s stirring inside of you and you’re so close, I can taste it! Complete the contact form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP (most likely within 24-48 hours unless I’m trapped in a canyon or hiking Everest– check my Insta). We’ll come up with a plan, discuss prices, and get you on track to live the life of your dreams! Sound good? Let’s do this!

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