“Sleeveless for Summer” At Home Arm Workout

When I say “sleeveless for summer” I mean… this at home arm workout will have you struggling to pick your arms up to put your shirt on over your head.

It’s that intense!  From the beginning of this workout my arms were shaking.  At the commandos, I thought they were going to fall off.  At the end of Round 1, I had NO IDEA how I was going to do Round 2.

This is another one of those fabulous workouts that you can do just about anywhere and easily modify it to meet your unique needs and time constraints.  Once you build up a tolerance to the workout below– add weights or extra rounds to make the workout harder.

Don’t have 25 minutes?  Just do two rounds!  I promise this will still kick your butt!

This is a circuit routine meaning that you will complete Circuit 1, take a 1-2 minute break, complete Circuit 2, take a 1-2 minute break, complete Circuit 1 again, take a 1-2 minute break, and complete Circuit 2 again.  In total you will complete 4 circuits.

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair / bench
  • Yoga mat / towel
  • Weights (optional)


Sleeveless for summer at home arm workout pinterest

I completed this workout in just over 25 minutes (for my first time).  I had to drop down to my knees for some of the pushups, I used a 5 pound weight for the squat & press, and a chair for the tricep dips.  If you’re a beginner, expect this workout to take at least 30 minutes and include some modifications.  Don’t worry, modifications are okay!  It’s important to listen to your body and progress when YOU are ready.  Got it?  Oh yeah… if you don’t have a weight, feel free to use a textbook, water jug, etc.  Get creative!

If you are unsure of the exercises above, feel free to check out www.bodybuilding.com for demonstrations of each move.

What was YOUR time?  Comment below!  Keep the momentum going with these At Home & Travel Friendly Workouts.

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