The Real Stench Behind Deodorant – Why Your Deodorant May Be Doing More (Harm) Than You Think

Did you know that your deodorant/antiperspirant may be doing more than masking bad odor and preventing sweat?  Your deodorant/antiperspirant may be causing cancer!

I don’t want to alarm you, but you should know…

Living in Florida, it’s hot…we sweat…and it’s not pretty…

But, are we so vain as to consciously coat our armpits with cancer causing deodorant day-in and day-out?

I was there too.  I used to go to the store looking for the STRONGEST antiperspirant that I could find.  I didn’t want ugly pit stains or stinky armpits… come on, I’m a lady after all!  Well guess what?  We’re human and we SHOULD be sweating!  Many of our deodorants aren’t deodorant but actually antiperspirant.  Did you know that antiperspirant is designed to PREVENT sweating – a little unnatural, right?

How is this prevention even possible?  The aluminum compounds in antiperspirants effectively plug up your sweat glands preventing any sweat from escaping your body.  In essence, you’re still sweating but all that nasty funk is staying trapped inside. YUCK!  And to make matters worse, if you use your antiperspirant for too long, your body can become immune to the active ingredients and you may need a stronger antiperspirant in order for it to actually work 🙁

Want to know a fun fact?  Sweat doesn’t smell.  The bacteria that forms as a result of sweating is what produces the foul “body odor” smell.  Did you know that some people are naturally scent free?  These people lack a certain chemical that bacteria feeds on, and thus, without this chemical there is no bacteria and therefore no smell!  Want to know if you fit into this category?  Check out your earwax!  If your earwax is white and flaky then you lack the chemical, but if you’re like most people with dark, sticky earwax, then we still need a smell solution for you.

Anything we use on a daily basis should be non-toxic… That only makes sense, right?  However, so many of our products (e.g., deodorant, lotion, soap, etc.) are FILLED with toxic chemicals that seep into our bodies and wreck havoc on our hormones and natural body functions.

Recent studies have shown a connection between the aluminum found in deodorant/antiperspirant and breast cancer.  While I cannot confirm nor deny this study, I can say that this is something we should look out for.  Aluminum has also been found in our food and water supply, as well as linked to neurotoxicity and Alzheimer’s disease.

Why am I telling you this?  Two reasons:

  1. You should know the potential dangers associated with the deodorant you use everyday.
  2. I found a sale for my all-natural deodorant and I really wanted a fact-filled reason to share the savings with you – just in case I got you to change your mind about your deodorant 😉

I currently use Primal Pit Paste’s all-natural lavender scented stick deodorant and I love it!  I have a friend into wellness and she turned me onto this fabulous product!  She tried dozens of products and found this one to be best FOR HER.  Each of us is unique and we need to remember that when we are trying new products, foods, exercise plans, etc.  Not all of us will have to same reaction to every product.  For example, I use Primal Pit Paste regular strength and I think it works perfectly.  I never smell (or at least I don’t think I do), I sweat less frequently, and I feel as if I don’t even need deodorant most of the time.  However, I did have a dear friend try out the product and she broke out in a rash – probably as a result of the non-aluminum baking soda in the product.  Don’t worry though, Primal Pit Paste makes a baking soda-free sensitive formula too.

I originally purchased two 0.25 ounce sample jars to test the product (Lavender and Royal & Rogue).  The only downside to the sample jars is that they require you to use a little wooden stick to scoop out the deodorant and apply it to your armpits like lotion.  I thought I was going to hate this process but looking back, I think I actually liked rubbing it on <— weirdo!  After testing out the product, I decided to purchase a  2 ounce stick, regular strength, lavender scented.  I couldn’t be happier!  [Update: I recently switched to the jar version because the stick now contains beeswax (an animal byproduct) and I prefer to limit my use of animal byproducts.]


Primal Pit Paste has many scents, strengths, and other products.  You can find out all of the Primal Pit Paste information on their site – it’s a great site and I encourage you to check it out and read more about the deodorant industry.

You can also purchase Primal Pit Paste from Amazon and possibly SAVE MORE MONEY.  There is no promo code for Amazon, but you may save a few dollars from shipping if you or a friend is an Amazon Prime member.

Are you looking to turn up the heat and burn some serious calories?  If you’re ready to sweat, then Primal Pit Paste is exactly what you need!

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