There’s no way you lost 200 pounds…

What an AMAZING transformation Tuesday!!!! With two challenge groups wrapping up last week, I am so PROUD to announce that you ladies lost over 200 pounds!!!  <– Yes, you read that right!!!  200 pounds!!!

<Holding back the tears of joy>

Our 21 Day “Love Yourself” Challengers did a FABULOUS job with 25 ladies averaging a weight loss of 5.4 pounds in just 21 days!  You ladies have blown me out of the water with you hard work, dedication & commitment.  This was the first group to have a mix of 21 Day Fix, (the all new) 21 Day Fix Extreme, and even a throwback Turbo Jam!  This group truly showed me what “love yourself” really means.  You all found time to put yourselves first and make a change.  Way to go!!! I am SO PROUD!!!

But don’t take my word for it, let’s hear from the ladies…

This group changed my life.  Before meeting Max and joining this challenge group, I would start a program and quickly give up.  I really didn’t think this time would be any different but it was worth a shot.  Her motivation and support really helped keep me on track to reach my goals and the group was so supportive!  Thank you for all of your help and I will be doing this again next month for sure.


I can’t believe I found myself WANTING to workout.  I love this new lifestyle.


When I opened the 21 Day Fix package I saw the containers and thought I was going to starve to death.  Max reassured me that there would be more than enough food to keep me full and she was right.  I can’t believe it.  Her meal plan examples and the recipes from the other challengers really helped keep me on track and excited to try new meals.  Thank you!

We also wrapped up a 5 Day “Spring Cleaning” Clean Eating Challenge Group last week, and ladies, you’ve done it again… FABULOUS RESULTS!!! Our 39 participants lost an average of 2.1 pounds <that’s awesome> and had some AMAZING things to say about their overall health and wellbeing…

This group helped me realize how much I was snacking before when I wasn’t hungry.  The meal plan was awesome, the recipes were great, and I stayed full the entire time.  I can’t believe I lost 4 pounds too!  I know some of its water weight but it was the kickstart I needed.  Thanks Max.


I haven’t felt this great in a long time.  I have so much energy.


WOW!!! From the bottom of my heart… WOW!!!  You all did such a fabulous job this month and I cannot wait to continue along with the rest of your journeys.

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