Time to Party in Koh Phangan

I’m quickly trying to catch you up and my fingers are typing on overdrive to get you there!  From Koh Samui we boarded a quick 30 minute ferry for 300 baht ($8 USD) and headed to Koh Phangan, home of the world famous Full Moon Party.  Every month 30,000 crazy tourists gather on the beach, cover themselves in neon body paint, and dance the night away while fire dancers light up the sky and waves crash in the background.  It’s quite a scene.
Relax at the amazing Chill Inn, the best hostel in Koh SamuiThe week of the Full Moon Party hosts tons of parties such as the Jungle Party, Waterfall Party, etc.  While I would’ve loved to attend these parties, timing (and my expiring Thai visa) had other plans.  So due to scheduling logistics, I ended up on Koh Phangan for the also-legendary Half Moon Party.

Some people say the Half Moon Party is better than the Full Moon Party but I’ll wait until I attend both to make my decision.  The Half Moon Party is a rave in the jungle and it’s epic!

There’s Always a Party on Koh Phangan

We arrived a few days before the Half Moon Party so we could explore the island without a hangover, but that was way easier said than done…

We should’ve known when we decided to stay at Slumber Party hostel for 69 baht ($2 USD) per night.  Do you remember the month kicked off with some crazy pub crawls and partying at Slumber Party 2 hostel in Krabi?  Now it was time for round 2!

On our first night, we went out for “just for 1 drink” and ended up dancing the night away on Haad Rin Beach, the full moon party beach.  The staff at Slumber Party did an awesome job kicking off every night at the hostel with great dance music, beer pong, flip cup, card games, etc. to get everyone pumped to go out.  They also arrange all the transportation to and from the bars/clubs/beaches.  They make it so easy!

While the full moon party wasn’t going on, it was still tons of fun on the beach and an all-nighter.  Unfortunately, we had an 8am pickup scheduled for a tour the following day.  Waking up was rough.

Still slightly intoxicated, I have no idea how we managed to wake up, pack our bags, and get on a boat by 8am.  We were determined to see Ang Thong Marine Park and we were not going to let the Half Moon Party (or any party) mess than up.

Ang Thong Marine Park

Slightly inebriated, we hopped in the bed of pickup truck, drove to the docks, and boarded the boat where we would be spending the next 10 hours.  This was far from a relaxing day.  It was a day filled with snorkeling and swimming and hiking and baking in the sun, everything you want to do when you’re hungover… not!

While I wasn’t in the best place physically that morning, nothing could rob me of this awesome experience.  A quick nap and a cookie also helped to ease the pain.

If you make it to the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao), a day trip to Ang Thong Marine Park is an absolute must! 

We booked with Orion who we found at a local tour agency within walking distance of the hostel and it was amazing!  The price was originally 1700 baht + 300 baht park fee, but Lee was able to talk them down to 1500 baht.  Sweet, a savings of 200 baht.  That’s like 3 nights at Slumber Party!

The price included pickup from the hostel, transportation to the dock, breakfast, lunch, huge afternoon sandwiches, all day snacks such as fruit and cookies, unlimited soda/water/coffee/tea, and snorkeling gear.  It was an extra 200 baht ($6 USD) if you wanted to go kayaking but we opted out because we’ve been kayaking plenty already.  The tour lasted from 8am-7pm.  AMAZING DAY!

That Night A Half-Naked Girl Got in my Bed

After the day trip we were smart enough not to go out since it was the night before the Half Moon Party.  Well I was smart enough, I think Lee still went out.  Either way, the dorm was beyond chaotic.  Sleep was as mythical as a six-legged unicorn.  An early night would not be happening.

Even when I stayed in, things still got weird.  This night was filled with wayyyy too many stories but I’ll leave you with just one– an unknown girl climbed into my bed at 5am, half-naked, and refused to get out.  REFUSED.

We had a full-blown argument in the middle of the night (most of which I’m she sure didn’t remember).  She got into my bed, under my sheets (with me) and thought I was crazy for telling her to get the F*** out of my bed.  I’ll save this story for a major motion film because it is too funny to type.

Half Moon Party

The next day was the Half Moon Party.  We spent the day resting and relaxing and hunting for fun neon clothes.  Lee and I got matching tie-dyed shirts and the girls at our hostel hooked us up with glitter and neon paint– fun!

The Half Moon Party was absolutely amazing and I’ll save those details for a much-needed how to guide for partying in Koh Phangan.  Imagine a giant rave in the woods complete with thousands of neon painted 20-30 year olds, electronic dance music, crazy lights, bars, food stalls, and total debauchery.  It’s everything you can imagine and more!

The Half Moon Party costs 1200 baht ($30 USD) which includes a free drink and admission.  I thought the price was a little expensive but I had a great time and would definitely pay again to attend the event.  When you’re there, there are tons of people offering to paint your body for prices ranging from 100 baht to 300 baht, negotiate before getting painted!  There are also food stalls, several bars, and clean toilets.  The accommodations are really nice compared to the Full Moon Party which has none of this, but that party is also free.  I guess you get what you pay for.

Partying tip: Where a fanny pack / bum bag and bring as little as possible.  Since I didn’t have something to wear around my waist, I stuffed my cash and phone in my bra.  There was no need to bring a phone but I really wanted some pictures.  Bring as little as possible, including money.

If you need tips ahead of time, comment below or shoot me a message.

Time To Move On

We didn’t do much on the island expect party and relax.  We also ate at a great Mexican restaurant called Ando Loco which was within walking distance to Slumber Party.  There’s another great restaurant too, turn right out of the hostel, walk 5 minutes and it looks like bamboo restaurant on the right.  When you’re there, you’ll know.  There’s always tons of people there and everything tastes great.

Aside from partying and eating, there’s tons to do on Koh Phangan so I’ll definitely be making my way back there to explore the island again, especially since my dorm at Slumber Party Hostel was only $2 per night!

Slumber Party also offers an amazing Crazy Mango Tour that I skipped but it looked like tons of fun.  It was 1100 baht ($31 USD) and included breakfast, lunch, dinner, and admission/transportation to the following places: Slip N Fly, Secret Beach, snorkeling, 360 Degree Bar, Koh Mah Beach, and Amsterdam Bar Sunset.

So after exploring Koh Phangan for a few days and making some amazing friends and awesome memories, we finally headed to our last stop in the Thai islands, Koh Tao.


The ultimate guide to Koh Phangan Thailand - Max Pankow Adventures

Which is better- full moon or half moon party? Max Pankow Adventures has the answer!

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The ultimate guide to Koh Phangan Thailand - Max Pankow Adventures

The ultimate guide to Koh Phangan Thailand - Max Pankow Adventures

The ultimate guide to Ang Thong Marine Park - Max Pankow Adventures

Which is better- full moon or half moon party? Max Pankow Adventures has the answer!

The ultimate guide to Ang Thong Marine Park - Max Pankow Adventures

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  • Hi Max!

    Your blog has been very helpful, I found it on pinterest as I was looking for ideas for my trip to Ko Samui. Me and a friend are still going there even though it isn’t during a full, half or black moon party. Would you recommend still checking out the island for a day trip without the party? Or skipping it and going elsewhere? I have three full days here so I would love your advice!


    Bailey Blondell

    • Hi Bailey! I’m so happy you found my blog and that it has been so helpful 🙂 Are you headed to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, or both? I only ask because the full moon party is on Koh Phangan and you asked about Koh Samui but I’m guessing Koh Phangan! Yes, its definitely worth a trip. The island is gorgeous with tons of beautiful beaches and fun things to do. Where do you have the 3 full days? Maybe I can help map it out for you! There’s also Ang Thong Marine Park that you can access from Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. It is a full day tour but absolutely breathtaking– one of my favorite sites in all of Asia!!