If you really want to read about the bumps and bruises along the way, here’s a month by month recap of what went down.  Pay attention to the years!

July 2013 – I take a “leave of absence” from work.

August 2013 – Sleeping in and relaxing, obviously.  Then an epic quest to “find my passion” and figure out how to work from home full-time.  Should I start a blog?

September + October 2013 – Impromptu 1-month European backpacking trip with my boyfriend at the time.  First backpacking trip ever.  I’m hooked!

November 2013 – Helped put on a charity fundraiser for a friend in need.  Still searching to “find my passion.”  Apparently this isn’t something that can be found while sitting at a computer screen or reading a book.  You’ve got to get out there!

December 2013 – Officially ended my “leave of absence” and quit my job.  Immediately jumped into learning (I’m a nerd).  Studied to become a volunteer financial planner for low-income families and certified tax preparer.

January 2014 – Started obsessively researching blogging and how to make money online– passive income, drop shipping, eBay success stories, everything.

February 2014 – Accidentally started a Life Coaching business, which eventually turned into a full-time company.  Enough people saw what I was doing (quitting my job, backpacking through Europe, volunteering, “not working”, getting super healthy, losing weight, etc.) and they started asking me for help.  Also, I randomly saw and ad to be an SAT tutor with great pay so I applied and got the job!  Part time of course but money was coming in while I was figuring things out.

March 2014 – Started my first blog, “Motivate Your Plate,” which focused on daily motivation, fit tips, vegetarian recipes, and overall health.  This was a success!  I’m also still tutoring.

April 2014 – July 2014 – Studied to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  I passed!  Added Health & Fitness Coaching to the mix of services.  Still Life Coaching.  Still blogging.  Still tutoring.

August 2014 – December 2014 – Fitness business is booming.  I quit tutoring to focus full-time on Health & Fitness Coaching.  I work with some clients in person and some virtually.  I also pair up with other companies to earn money through affiliate marketing and sales.  I create a new website solely dedicated to the fitness business.

January 2015 – April 2015 – Business is okay.  It’s making money but I’m not as excited.  Something feels “off”.  I start researching “how to find my passion” again.  Dead ends.  All dead ends.  I combine my blog and fitness sites since the content is similar.

May 2015 – I try to bring some life into the blog/website but my heart isn’t there.  I get an opportunity to write the fitness column for a regional magazine and I take the offer.  You can see my published articles here.  While I take the offer to write for the magazine, I actually stop writing on the blog (weird).  In May 2015, everything fell apart. ← It’s worth reading… It chronicles the downward spiral from May 2015 to November 2016 (when the blog was reborn).  Losing myself, searching everywhere for hope, diving into countless self-help and personal development books, attending a crazy live personal development seminar, reviving my business, instant and overnight business success, being flown across the country to speak to women struggling with their passion, speaking locally, writing for magazines, getting engaged, realizing I don’t really like the new business I created, getting hired at an ad agency for a super cool digital marketing job, quitting the company because I cannot work for someone else (it kills me), calling off the wedding, watching 6 years of my life basically fall apart, and obviously, picking up the pieces.

March 2016 – Called of the wedding.  My life feels crazy.  I continue freelance work for the ad agency and Health & Fitness Coaching, barely.

April 2016 – No more freelance work.  Back to Health & Fitness Coaching “full” time.  Nothing was full time though, my life was a little bit of a mess.  First solo adventures…

May 2016My first solo trip!  Arizona Utah Road Trip to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon National park. Decided I wanted to solo-backpack internationally but met resistance from my parents.  Alone?  As a girl?  For how long?

June 2016 – My mom asks if I want to hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu!  I instantly say yes!  The first available permit date is October 31st.  I book it.  I start planning a South American adventure!

July 2016 – I plan to spend a month in Peru & Bolivia.  I couldn’t justify buying a plane ticket for just one week, but a month, I can do a month.  I plan every last detail for the trip.  Done!

August 2016 – What do I do now until I leave for Peru in October?  I can’t sit here doing nothing for 2+ months.  I feel like I “shouldn’t” spend the money but I have to get out of here.  Something has to change.  I decide I’m going to Europe.  I book a flight using credit card points.  I leave in 21 days.  Time to plan.

August 22, 2016 – The adventure begins!  Since then I’ve solo-traveled through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Peru, Bolivia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam (as of February 2017).  And we’re just getting started…

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