Total Body Blast At Home & Travel Workout

Are you looking to torch some fat and get a great workout?  Check out this at home total body workout!

This is a circuit routine meaning that you will complete Circuit 1, take a 1-2 minute break, complete Circuit 2, take a 1-2 minute break, complete Circuit 1 again, take a 1-2 minute break, and complete Circuit 2 again.  In total you will complete 4 circuits.

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair / bench
  • Yoga mat / towel
  • Weights (optional)


at home total body workout

When I did this workout, it took me about 6-7 minutes to complete each circuit for a total of approx. 30 minutes.  Click the links below for video demonstrations of the exercises.  Next to each exercise is a note describing how I completed the movement and/or the weight I used.

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