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From finding cheap flights to booking accommodation to budgeting your trip along the way, these are my favorite tools. Some links below are affiliate links (disclaimer). This simply means if you click the link, I may make a very small commission if you choose to purchase something from the website such as a discounted hotel room, flight, etc.  I only recommend resources that I personally use and trust. I also only recommend items that offer the best value, as I am a budget traveler too and on the hunt to find and share the best deals!






Skyscanner is my all-time FAVORITE search engine for finding cheap flights. You can search by country to find the cheapest airport, “everywhere” to find the cheapest destination in the world, or by month to find which month or day of the month is cheapest to travel on. Skyscanner includes budget airline fares too! I always start here. They even have an app!



Similar to Skyscanner, momondo allows you to search for flights using “anywhere” as a destination as well as a calendar view. I usually use Skyscanner first, then compare with momondo. Momondo is great because it also searches small 3rd party booking sites that bigger companies often skip over. 

google flights


I don’t use Google Flights too often, but I love the price drop alerts and tips such as which flight delivers the best value for your time (so you’re not on a 13 hour layover just to save $20) as well as when it makes sense to upgrade to business class or fly on a different day.



Kayak is a fantastic search engine. It doesn’t include budget flights, but still allows you to search destination “anywhere”, entire months, and flexible days (+/- 3 days) from your desired date. If you’re unsure of when you want to travel but you know you’d like to be gone 7-10 days, you can select the month and input the range and Kayak will show you the best days and times to fly!

secret flying

Secret Flying is a new one for me but it is awesome! Simply input your destination (or “anywhere”) and the month, and Secret Flying will hunt for special deals, promotions, or limited error fares. I would not use Secret Flying to look up the *best* flight, but I would quickly check to see if there is an awesome promotion or deal going on. Sometimes you win the lottery!

the flight dealDEALS VIA EMAIL

I subscribe to The Flight Deal‘s daily newsletter. Everyday I receive an email filled with “hacker fares” and airline errors that require you to act fast before the fares are corrected or sold out. This isn’t a go-to resource for booking flights, but it is something I check just in case a special deal pops up. Plus, it goes straight to your email so it requires no effort at all.

Air Wander


Air Wander requires a little more information such as where you’re going and an estimated date, but this website finds secret layovers that you can add to your trip, free of charge! Ever wanted to spend 2 days in Hong Kong? This website will show you how!



Cleverlayover is very similar to Air Wander. You’ll need to know your destination and dates, and Cleverlayover will find the best layovers so you can add an extra destination to your trip. Cleverlayover also compares prices against the top flight search engines such as Expedia and Priceline.

Airline Website


I clear my cookies and check what the airline is selling the flight for, sometimes it’s cheaper! I also use credit card points and travel hacking to book international flights. Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and American Express SPG (Starwood) credit cards are my favorite. I also use the AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles credit card for “free” international flights using my points. More info on travel hacking and credit card points coming soon.






Hostelworld is my #1 resource for finding the best hostels. I always filter to include ‘wifi’ and ‘air conditioning’, as well as ratings above 8.0. I sort by price or rating, depending on my need. I ALWAYS read the reviews and often look at the map to see where the hostel is located. Every city requires something unique– some need to be close to public transportation, others want a fun vibe, and some you just want peace and quiet. Read the reviews!



Since I started working online, I’ve been booking more Airbnbs than hostels. Airbnb displays hostels, shared rooms, private rooms in homes, entire houses/villas, guesthouses, apartments, etc. There are so many options! I search using the filters and ALWAYS look at the map and reviews. Reviews are your golden ticket to find out if a place is good. Have a question? You can always message the property owner. Save $40 off your first booking of $75 or more!



While I haven’t personally used Couchsurfing, it is a broke backpackers dream come true! Couchsurfing allows you to sleep on someone’s couch (or spare bedroom) FREE of charge. Yep, free! It’s a great resource for budget travelers as well as opportunity to make friends. All the hosts are reviewed by their guests you can read the reviews so know what you’re getting yourself into before showing up.



I love agoda! If you’re traveling in Asia, you must use agoda. After searching for hostels and Airbnbs, I usually check agoda because the prices on here can’t be beat! They are always offering an extra discount or deal, especially if you book on the app (iTunes, Android). I use this as my go-to search engine for hostels, guesthouses, and hotels.



While I personally like Agoda better, Booking.com is another great resource for discounted accommodation. It offers a variety of options not always advertised on Hostelworld, Airbnb, or Agoda. Sometimes the prices are cheaper on booking.com so definitely add this to your list to compare prices.



Yep, good ‘ole fashioned Google helps a ton! If you Google “hotels near me” or whatever you’re searching for, Google will display a map of all the options in the area. You can select dates, filter by ratings, etc.  It also compares the prices of other search engines such as Booking.com and Agoda so you can easily see which website is cheapest.



Another new one for me, but HotelsCombined is great! It compares the top search engines such as Agoda, Booking, Expedia, etc. to deliver the best deals possible (similar to Google). You will not see all the options in a location, but you will see everything that is on sale— aka, the best value for your dollar!

Planning & Research




Obviously my first resource is always Google. I Google everything! It usually leads me down a rabbit hole of blog posts and then I end up on a page like this. Well done, you’ve arrived!



I know what you’re thinking… Wikipedia?! Yes, Wikitravel is awesome and has TONS of information organized in a logical (seemingly unbiased) manner.

Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guide saved me so many headaches! Opt for the ebook so you can save space in your bag and use the search function. Lonely Planet also offers great information on their website as well as forums with Q&As from fellow travelers.

price of travel


Price of Travel is pure gold! It provides an estimated cost per day for each city based on a moderate hostel, popular attractions, local transportation, budget meals, and even an alcoholic drink! The estimates are really accurate too! Not only does it help with preparing a budget, but it gives me an idea of what to do in the city. And the best part, you can viewa side-by-side comparison of the cities ranked from cheapest to most expensive!



RoadTrippers is the perfect road trip companion. This website allows you to map out a road trip (similar to Google Maps), but it will also tell you estimated mileage, drive time, and gas costs. As a bonus, RoadTrippers also shows you hotels along the way, campsites, restaurants, things to do, and even a section called “weird stuff.”

get your guide


While I haven’t personally used Get Your Guide, my friends continuously recommend it. It’s a trusted website with local guides, tons of destination ideas, and fair prices. I’d use this site to find out tour options in the destination you’re headed too, then haggle for the best prices possible once you’re there and in person.





When in doubt, Google to the rescue! Did you know Google provides multiple route options including estimated travel times? Simply Google “Bangkok to Chiang Mai” and you’ll be provided with flight options, drive times, bus schedules, and even walking directions! Crazy! This is a great first step to find out your route options.



Now sure how to get from one city to the next? Rome2Rio website and app maps out ALL the potential routes and modes of transportation as well as the estimated travel time and cost. A route to a remote island may look like a taxi to the airport, flight, taxi to the port, ferry, and taxi to your accommodation. This site is amazing! Its similar to Google but has MANY more options.



12Go is a fantastic website for bus transportation in SE Asia. Usually buses are booked at hostels or tourist kiosks, but this websites provides information regarding routes, timetables, and prices. I’d use this website if you are trying to come up with a plan and then book in person so you have tickets in hand. Plus, booking in person always allows for bartering!



The Grab app (iTunes, Android) is a necessity in any city. Not only is it a safe and reliable taxi service, it provides an estimated cost so if you choose to get a local taxi from the street, you already know what is considered a fair price. If you don’t have cell data, you can order a ride using WiFi and the app continues to work once you’ve left the WiFi connection. You can order a Grab for a friend, pay via credit card or cash, and participate in a ride share to lower the cost. Bonus: they deliver food too!

go-jekMy Blue Bird Taxi App

Go-Jek is a popular taxi app in Indonesia similar to Grab (iTunes, Android). The difference is that Go-Jek also provides scooter taxis at a severely discounted price. Bonus: Go-Jek delivers food too!  My Blue Bird is another taxi app, similar to Grab (iTunes, Android). Sometimes certain apps are busy or not allowed in various areas of Indonesia. Bluebird is the “preferred” app (from a government perspective) but Grab and Go-Jek usually offer cheaper options! Its good to have all 3 downloaded just in case.

eurailRail Europe

EuRail and RailEurope are excellent resources for train (rail) transportation in Europe. They provide fares, timetables, routes, and more! You can even input your trip information into the planner to find out if there is a special multi-country pass for greater savings. Whether its unlimited regional travel or a certain number of days/weeks/months, these websites will provide you with tons of well-priced options. 

Man In Seat 61


You can’t talk about train travel without mentioning the The Man in Seat 61. This website details EVERYTHING you can possibly think of regarding train travel. Want to know the difference between 2nd and 3rd class? He’s got an answer. Want to know if a coachette is worth the upgrade? He’s got an answer. He even details what the trains look like, which have been renovated, and what to expect on your journey. This is to go-to resource for any and all train travel worldwide. You cannot book your tickets on this website, but you can use it to find out everything you need to know before booking your travels.

blablacar(Mostly Europe) RIDE SHARING

Blablacar is a ride sharing service, hosted by normal people like yourself. If you’re planning a roadtrip, you simply add your trip to the database and the cost per seat. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a discounted way to get from one city to another, you can search Blablacar for people with similar routes who have extra seats in their car. The prices are set by each driver. The drivers are rated and reviewed so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Blablacar is a great way to share rides throughout Europe, India, Mexico, and Brazil.

 maps.me appgoogle maps app

RoadTrippers is the BEST tool to mapping out a multi-destination road trip. Looking for driving directions? Check out Google Maps or maps.me for turn by turn directions delivered audibly. Google Maps provides traffic information, delays, and a more detailed map, but it requires data/internet to access those features. Maps.me provides turn by turn directions completely offline.

Money – Planning, Budgeting, Int’l Fees


Price of Travel


Mentioned again, Price of Travel is amazing! This was one of the first websites I ever used to plan my travels. It provides an estimated cost per day for each city based on a moderate hostel, popular attractions, local transportation, budget meals, and even an alcoholic drink! The estimates are really accurate too! Not only does it help with preparing a budget, but it gives me an idea of what to do in the city. The best part, every year they rank the cities from cheapest to most expensive so you see a side-by-side comparison of every place in the world!

trail wallet app


I do not travel anywhere without Trail Wallet (iTunes). This app has been a life saver for budgeting and tracking my expenses. Trail Wallet allows you to create trips with customized dates, include multiple currencies per trip (e.g., USD and Malaysia Ringgits), and set different budgets for each trip.  You can categories expenses (food, tours, transport, etc), add tags, and write descriptions. Trail Wallet also saves your data, analyzes it, and provides charts with detailed budget breakdowns so you can see where you are spending the most! 

Charles Schwab


(I think you need a US address to get this but…) Charles Schwab’s “High Yield Investor Checking Account” has been a game changer for my travels since there are NO ATM FEES, no international transaction fees, no service fess, and no account minimum. This card is insane! Recently I called customer service collect (they paid for my international call) and the help I received was impeccable too!  Tip: Apply early because it takes forever to get in the mail.

Other Apps


maps.me app


Maps.me is by far the BEST offline maps app on the market (iPhone, Android). Its one of those things that you don’t learn until you’re already on the road. Download the country map when you have wifi and everything can be accessed offline. Input the name of the place you’d like to go and walking directions, driving directions, public transit directions, etc. are all available. Hungry? Looking for an ATM? Looking for a place to sleep? You can search using the “categories” section. Bonus: Audio directions are available so you don’t have to look at your phone!

google maps app


Google Maps is great but I still think maps.me is better! That’s just my opinion. I love Google Maps when I have data or wifi because it provides traffic information, delays, and more information about the roads, however its offline functionality isn’t the best. Its great to have both options because there have been times where Google Maps had a location that was not on maps.me and vice versa. Get Google Maps here: iTunes or Android

trail wallet app


As mentioned above, I do not travel anywhere without Trail Wallet (iTunes). This app has been a life saver for budgeting and tracking my expenses. Trail Wallet allows you to create trips with customized dates, include multiple currencies per trip (e.g., USD and Malaysia Ringgits), and set different budgets for each trip.  You can categories expenses (food, tours, transport, etc), add tags, and write descriptions. Trail Wallet also saves your data, analyzes it, and provides charts with detailed budget breakdowns so you can see where you are spending the most! 

google translate


Google Translate (iTunes, Android) is an awesome app to have if you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere or looking to buy cough medicine at a local pharmacy. Download the language when you have wifi and Google Translate will convert your text to the local language. Its not perfect, but it gets the job done. Alternatively, if you have wifi or data, you can Google “English to Spanish” and the Google website will display a text box to convert text. Get it on iTunes or Android

google photos


Google Photos (iTunes, Android) is how I backup all of my photos! Google Photos is different from Google Drive. Google Photos allows unlimited storage for photos under 16MP. If your photos are larger, you can shrink them when you upload them. Download the app and whenever you connect to wifi, Google Photos will automatically backup your phone photos. Your photos can be accessed on any device with the Google Photos app or online!  Get it on iTunes or Android


Been (iTunes, Android) is a great app for tracking where you’ve been. You can check off each country and see how many countries you’ve been to as well as what percentage of the world (or region of the world) you’ve visited. Its just for fun but plenty of people use it!

Messenger & Insta


While I still have a Facebook account, more and more people are jumping ship and headed over to Instagram. If you’re looking to make friends and stay connected, consider Facebook Messenger (you don’t need an actual Facebook account) or Instagram (sliding into those DM’s like heyyyyyyy).



WhatsApp is the universal method for keeping in touch with friends on the road and family back at home. WhatsApp uses your existing phone number (even without service) to send texts, audio calls, and video calls over WiFi or data. You can be in “airplane” mode (so you’re not incurring roaming charges) and connect to WhatsApp over WiFI.  If you have an iPhone, iMessage and Facetime (audio + video) work too!

Bumble & Tinder


Yep, Bumble & Tinder! You’d be surprised how many people are on these app, myself included! You can set up dates, hookups, or make friends nearby. Yes, people actually use them to find friends and not only sexual things! If you’re traveling long term or staying alone, this is a great way to meet people.



World Nomads travel insurance


World Nomads is my go-to travel insurance provider. Not only are they well priced, but they cover injuries, sickness, trip delays, and even theft. Theft is actually one of my favorite perks of this insurance since there have been a few times where items of mine have gone missing from the hostel. Submit a claim and World Nomads has you covered!




hola vpn


HolaVPN is an awesome (and free) VPN for your computer. This allows you to trick websites into thinking you’re searching the web from America (or wherever you choose). Its helped me access bank accounts, streaming websites, and random social media website that are blocked by certain countries. It works best as a Google Chrome extension.

Working & Volunteering





MyTEFL is the program I used to get certified to teach english as a foreign language. There are several options to choose from, but I recommend the 120 hour online course. You can complete it at home and it is significantly cheaper than an ‘in person’ program. You can also use the discount code bticket35 to save 35% off the course! Once you’ve completed the certification, MyTEFL will assist with job placement too. Email me if you have any questions!



VIPKID is the reason I can continue to travel and make great money working online and setting my own schedule! VIPKID designs the curriculum and finds the students, your job is to show up and teach these adorable children 1:1 for 25 minutes. There are no minimum work requirements and the job is very flexible. A full post about VIPKID is coming soon. In the meantime, email me at for more information or use my code 03Y5LU to sign up. Note: You must be a US or Canadian resident with a 4 year University degree to apply.



Workaway is an awesome website that displays opportunities to volunteer and immerse yourself in local culture by donating a couple hours of time each day in exchange for free room and board. I have not used this website, but all of my friends highly recommend it!

Start A Blog

I will be creating a step by step guide (and course) detailing how to start a blog, how to identify your niche, how to market yourself, how to make money from your blog, etc., but below are a few tools to help you get started!



More Resources & Posts ((Coming Soon))

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  • How to Make Money Online (non-blog jobs)
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  • Start Here” Page with everything you need to know about solo travel including answers to your burning questions, tips on how to overcome fears, setting a realistic budget, how to save money at home, how to start planning, why travel now, how to overcome resistance from friends and family, the truth regarding vaccines, and so much more!

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